15 Speed Groupsets & Other Fantasy Future Bike Tech | GCN Tech Show Ep. 95

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. This week we’ve got ourselves a new app, plus some new tires, and not to mention a collaboration between Hope Technology
and Lotus Engineering. And also, we discuss
exactly what you want to see in the future. Let’s g-
(record scratch) Ah, it’s just me. Right, you all remember last week, Ollie and I, we got imaginative, we put our thinking hats on, and we discussed what we would
like to see in the future. And well, we didn’t want
to leave you all out, so we asked you too to
put on your thinking hats, or maybe your thinking helmets, whichever way you’re inclined, and to get involved in the
Comments section, and you did. In your droves, believe me. I’ve been going through those comments for near on a week now, and I’m going to go through
some of my favorites. There were plenty to choose from. First up, Ed R. “CVTs with fully automatic shifting. “For me, it’s not
something for the future, “I’ve already done it. “As far as I know, nobody else has.” Continuously Variable Transmission. I like your thinking there. Ah, a couple of pulleys, a belt, a planetary gear system,
what could possibly go wrong? Hm. Anyway, let us know about
the one you’ve done Ed, because that sounds pretty amazing to me. Right, Gringoling. I’ve got to wonder, where on earth do you lot get your usernames
from too, Gringoling? I mean it’s a, quite a nice little
looking avatar there too. Anyway, right, this
isn’t about your avatar, but let us know where
that name’s come from. “3D printed shoes, since you
can’t make them at home.” Yeah, why not? I mean if you’ve got the machinery to be able to do that, a 3D printer, you know, additive
manufacturing, you could do that, that would be brilliant, because well you would have
your very own pair of shoes, custom to your feet, if you’ve
got bunions for instance, or any sort odd formities on your feet. I like the idea of that a lot, I just don’t know how you would
go about even starting it. Maybe one for me to ask
Adam Hansen in the future. Ah, Tiberius Moon. “How about a universal
disc brakes pad standard, “instead of having thousands
of different types.” Yes, I agree. If ever you’ve tried to find one on a Saturday after noon at five to five, just before your local bike shop closes, normally they don’t have it. Something else I’d like to see actually, integrated into that one, not into the pads, but
also a universal part to suit all different bikes
would be the derailleur hanger. Believe me, that can be
an absolute nightmare too. Please someone just make it a standard. This is what we’re going to do. If you break the rules, we won’t bother stocking your bikes. Or, maybe not. It’s just me getting a bit
overenthusiastic about this. Ah, Galen Kehler. “Just did the calculation, “and even using 11 speed spacing, “and a slight lenticular shape, “there is plenty of room
for 15 speeds, lol.” Oh right, well then Ollie might get his million speed drive system. I really hope not. 15 speed would be absolutely
overkill I reckon. No doubt it will come
though at some point. Anyway, and often we got Rohloff, and I think that’s 14 speed, isn’t it? Aaron Robertson. “Heated handlebars, or heated tape. “For those of us in the northern climates, “it would be wonderful.” Yes, that sounds like an absolute dream for those winter rides, when your fingers get ever so cold. But what about this then, if you could also have a cooling tape too, so that when you’re riding
in those hot summer climbs, and you’re sweating from
everywhere you could sweat, including your ears, that does happen, you could just be cooled
down slightly by your hands. I like the thought of that too. Okay, Gerry Wilton. “My tech wish, one bottom bracket standard “to rule them all.” Oh yes, this old chestnut. I’m not going to open up
that can of worms today, because I’d like to also
have Ollie, or James, or Chris here to share the blame for all of you lot out there, when you say that every
other bottom bracket standard is just as good, when to be honest, they are just as good anyway, but yeah, one bottom bracket
standard would be good, let’s face it, but then where
would innovation come from? Leave that one with you Gerry. Or Gerry even, Gerry. Right then, here we are. Vincent Ouellette, or maybe
even Vincent Oulliette, depending on where you come from. “Remotely controlled tire pressure.” Vincent said he would especially love this on their gravel bike and fatbike, because a few PSI can
make a whole difference when riding on varied terrain. “It’s never pleasant to
dismount to pump or release air. “Perhaps it could be
controlled by the rigidity “of the tire casing, rather
than actual air volume. “Imagine the tire inner
thread could soften/harden “based on electric currents,
like a muscle fiber.” Vincent, that is probably the most outrageous
comment we had actually, about the thinking process behind it, but I love it, though. Right, SAF1981. Oh dear, SAF Looks like you’ve been having a few too many Smarties I think. “Tron bike. “A Power Ranger skin suit
for full aero benefit. “Bike paint that changes
color in heat, cold, or rain.” Ah, Specialized already did that one at the Rio Olympics. “Adjustable bars, width ways.” Maybe that’s to try and get
through traffic, don’t know. “Rims that make the fast noise, nneeooww, “once you hit 45k per hour.” Right, well, let’s just
go through these right. One and two, Tron Bike,
Power Ranger skin suit, yep, combine that, yeah, chuck in number three as well. As for the others, yeah why not? We’ll just do that this afternoon. Okay, seductive. “I just want a bike that
doesn’t make noises, “and I have to spend hours tracking down, “and attempting to fix.” Yeah. Okay, one equals 0.99999 repeating. They want electromagnetic wheels with rims that float on magnetic fields around E-hubs, driven by small
batteries in the seat tube, needing charge every other month or so. Blimey, okay, Victoria Randall would like to see a lightweight
race saddle for women. “One that is actually
comfortable for women. “Maybe that is pushing
the envelope too far.” Got to agree with you there Victoria. Most women’s saddles we tend to see, tend to be quite large, and most racing cyclists who are female, they tend to always want
something slimmer down, and a bit more lightweight. Okay and finally MRGRUMPY53, lives up to his username. A very regular commenter on
every single GCN Tech video. “In the future, bikes will be so complex, “all the work will have to
be done on it by a mechanic. “Just like cars have
changed over the years, “to be so complex that the
term shade tree mechanic “has disappeared.” I’ve never actually heard of that term. “It wouldn’t surprise me if in 10 years, “you’ll have to take your bike in “to have the tires changed, “because they will be run flat, tubeless, “and self inflating.” Yeah, MRGRUMPY, you are certainly living up to your username. (loud whooshing) – [Producer] Yeah, action. Jon? – Yeah. – [Producer] Action. – Yeah, I am, I’m working mate, because hot tech news now. Yeah, that’s right. GCN have launched an app, so go ahead and download it. There’s versions for iOS and also Android. The Android one is
currently in its beta state, so like a testing sort of protocol. Go on, download it. Yeah, you’ve done it. Good, right, okay. Open it up, because we got a section on there called Hot or Not. Now it’s just one of the many
different features on there, and the great thing about that is that you at home, from
the comfort of your sofa, the bus, wherever you are, you can just rate products on there, whether or not they’re hot or not, and get involved with plenty
of other features too, including, yes that’s
right, the Bike Vault, and I’ve just actually
submitted my very own, so go ahead and vote it
either nice or super nice, and I’m very worried now, because you lot are
quite a critique-y bunch, but anyway, do get involved that, because there’s loads more
great functions to come on that app. Right, it’s a very sad
time of year right now, because, well for me,
I think it is anyway, because the clocks are about
to go back this weekend. What does that mean? Well it means that the evenings
get darker even sooner, but there is a product
that has just reached its Kickstarter funding
target, just like that hybrid, catamaran type E-bike
thing last week as well. These are the FLECTR 360 Wings. So the FLECTR 360s are
a minimalistic decal, or decal-like sticker, which are adhesive onto your rims. Now the reason they put them on the rims is apparently you get
a 360 degree coverage when the wheels are spinning along, and also, the fact your
wheels are always turning when you’re riding, mean that these are always going to be in the
eye of any other road users too. They also come in a variety
of different colors too, and I guess if you’re really
into your aerodynamics too, they’re more aerodynamic
than the plastick-y ones that would normally stick
onto the actual spokes. It’s great to see products like this, absolutely smashing their funding targets, because well, I love a
crowd-funder after all. Right, news, literally it just landed, is that Hope Technology,
who are a UK-based company who make all sorts of bling for your bike have partnered up, or collaborated with Lotus Engineering. That’s right, Lotus, those of the Lotus bike fame that I’m absolutely in love with, and if you’ve not heard about that, then you’ve bound to have seen The Spy Who Loved Me,
the car under the water, and Roger Moore. Yeah, you know it. Right, but I don’t
actually know anything more about the actual collaboration as of yet, but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled, and report back as soon as I do. I’m excited, you’re
going to be excited too, let’s face it, because
these two companies, who knows what’s going to be created. Right, and finally then in hot new tech is news that Veloflex have launched a new range of clincher tires that incorporate something called SPS, which stands for Sidewall
Protection System. So what this is, is kind of
like a reinforced sidewall on their open tubular tires, which of course do have
that cotton casing. Now the reason they’ve done this, is that some carbon rims
are really highly polished during the manufacturing process, and aren’t necessarily
that blunt, if you like. I mean they’re not really sharp that you can cut your finger, but what can happen, in sort of very exceptional
circumstances I guess, is that the sidewalls of
the tires can wear away during slight movement, so during cornering, that kind of thing, and well, render them useless, because I guess you could
eventually actually wear through the sidewalls,
but it’s great to see this sort of preventative
measure taking place. Well done. Right, good news now, because we have got a winner to announce for that Park Tool event kit, and work stand unboxing that I did a couple of weeks back
on the GCN Tech channel, and the good news is, if your name is Arne Callens,
and you’re from Belgium, well done. (speaks in foreign language) You have just won a
toolkit and a work stand. How lucky are you? Because I entered hundreds of times. Nice one, we’ll be in touch very shortly. (drill) (ding) Right, now time for Screw
Riding up Grades, Buy Upgrades, where you submit before
and after photos, videos, evidence, whatever you
want to do, using the app. That’s right, yeah. You can use that brand new app that you’ve already downloaded. Don’t bother with that old
fashioned uploader tool. Instead, go ahead, use it on
your smartphone right now, and send us in the pictures. But why would you want to
do that, you may well ask. Well the reason being, you
could win a mystery prize, and I’m not sure if we’re
going to announce it just yet, exactly what it is you could win, but we do have a winner to announce, and the winner from
last week’s competition, it was an all Danish affair, between Lasse and Jeppe, and believe me, it was so close, actually, I’m watching the live results right now, because there is literally nothing in it. So, we’re going to have to
run with this right now. There is .5 of a percent in it, and well Jeppe, that bike you restored for your sister, that won. Get in touch with us mate on Facebook, and we can arrange delivery
of that mystery prize. With no further ado, let’s go
onto this week’s contenders. Right, first up is Kev from Cleethorpes. Now Kev bought a Genesis
Flyer on Ebay for 78 pounds to do Land’s End to John
o’ Groats on in 2017. Right, so that’s from
one end of Great Britain, all the way up to the
other, on a single speed. I doff my cap. Right, anyway. Kev decided to replace the fork with a lime green carbon
one before the jog. The bike always looked a bit tatty, so Kev gave it a new paint job with spray dot bike paint. Also, some new Factory Five
Pista wheels and crankset. Some Nitto handlebars,
stem, and seat post. A gold KMC, gold chain. Cane Creek headset, and most importantly, a GCN cap for the headset. It was meant to be Kev’s winter trainer, but looks too pretty now. Right, there’s the old
white thing, the Genesis, in front of a cabbage patch field, or something like that. There it is ahead of this
rather odd looking green fork, in front of a very nice
wall, I do like that. (whistle)
I do like that indeed. Blimey Kev. That is a really nice sunset, it’s like a tequila
sunrise, I think they call that sort of paint finish. You’ve done brilliant work mate. Nice pier in the background too. That wall, not quite as
nice as the previous one, there’s a bit of moss growing on it, it’s looking a bit moldy, but that bike mate,
(booing) you’ve made it look so, so good. I mean you’ve upgraded
the chainset on there too, you’ve put a different ring on there. I mean if you’re riding Land’s
End to John o’ Groats mate, you’re going to need, you know, an easier gear I reckon than
what was originally on it. Either way, absolutely beautiful upgrade. But Kev, you’re not going to have
it easy this week, my friend. You’re up against Graeme,
from Edmonton in Canada. Graeme’s previous bike was
stolen, never good news. But he’s laid his eyes on
the IronHorse Desperado, and it spoke to him. It’s a bit weird, this. Suspension forks and burly 26 inch wheels for about $500 Canadian. It was a perfect fit. Graeme’s interest expanded
from mountain biking to road and gravel, and he began to desire a drop bar bike. Well done, welcome to the club. Something agile and fast that he could use as a
commuter, to get to the pub, or even to take adventure
riding if the mood suited. Enter Bonk. Named for Graeme’s athletic prowess. Of course Bonk is a term which you use when you absolutely hit the wall, and you’ve run out of energy, and you’ve got nothing more,
you Bonk on the bicycle. Now with the help of Bike Edmonton, the local volunteer shop, Graeme cobbled together
the majority of the parts for around $100 Canadian. Parts included a 400
mill axle to crown fork, with low spoke 700c front wheel, to maintain the geometry after
losing the suspension fork. Tektro cantilever brakes,
Shimano RX100 cranks. That was always a really
good groupset, actually. Offered great value for money. Anyway, a combination of
Dura-Ace and Tiagra shifters, and an 11 to 36 cassette. All in all, Bonk was born
for under $300 Canadian. And Graeme has these referred to as 69ers, for their 26 inch rear and 29 inch front, but whatever you want to call it, it’s a pleasure to ride, and has given the
IronHorse a place of pride back in the roster. Right, let’s have little look through. Then there it is, the
odd IronHorse Desperado. Yeah, there it is. Looks like the old Edmonton, Edmonton… Well the Bike Edmonton,
the bike volunteer place in the background there. When he’s, oh I like that Rockhopper too. That teal colored one. Anyway, this is all about
the IronHorse, the Desperado. There’s those shifters,
Tiagra and a Dura-Ace. There’s a Bonk logo. Blimey, there it is finished up. It’s an interesting looking bike. It looks like the top tube is dropped, and then sort of intercepted
on the seat stays, but that’s what mountain
bikes are I guess, sometimes. Ah, it looks great. I love the fact, it looks so funny, because you got that 29 inch front wheel, 700 front wheel, and a 26 on the back. It all looks like it’s been in a bit of an accident, but it’s, but it works really well. I like the saddle too. I don’t know who’s it going to be though. Is it going to be Graeme, and Bonk, or is it going to be Kev and the Genesis? You decide, votes up there,
top right hand corner, and remember, use the app and upload to Buy Upgrades, to stand a chance of winning a mystery prize. (whooshing) Calm yourself, it’s the Bike Vault. The part of the show which
everybody absolutely loves, but what exactly is it? Well, we look at your bikes, and we rate them either
nice or super nice. But how do we get to see them? Hello, you use the app, and you use the uploader built within it, to actually submit them to us. And the good news is, it
also goes onto the app, so that everybody else can rate
them nice or super nice too, which means that me, Ollie, Chris, James, Si, Dan, we can all
get in a lot of hot water if we go against the grain
of what’s being voted for. Either way, use that app, upload them, and well, if you get super
nice, this gets rung, and I’ve got to say actually, I spent about 25 minutes
looking for this earlier on, and I found it. Ollie was keeping it safe for me, it was in a refuse bag
underneath his desk. He must have just been making
sure it didn’t get dirty, or anything like that. He’s a nice lad. Right, okay, first submission this week comes in from Justin in
Boca Raton, in Florida. I’ve probably got all of that wrong, apart from Justin and Florida. It’s a Cervelo R3. It’s got a, oh I’m led to believe that’s a vinyl top tube. Obviously it’s not an
actual vinyl top tube, it’s just been wrapped in gold, and it just looks absolutely bling, with a gold chain, and gold bar end plugs. What else we got on there? Vision integrated bar
and stem, FSA seat post. Quite a lot of pin out there. Big old saddle to bar drop. It’s a lovely looking bike that. Looks like it’s, it’s got
Rotor power meter and Q rings. Saddle bag on there. Mm, could have taken it off, but it doesn’t distract heavily. What’s distracting me a little bit, is the fact, Justin
you’ve done this on sand. So it’s not the best for your drivetrain, but while you’ve risked it for a biscuit. So I’m going to give you
a super nice, my friend. (bell ringing) Yeah, thin ice, thin ice indeed. I don’t think Ollie would have given that. Anyway right, Holger in Odenwald, near Hirschorn and Heidelberg in Germany. Ah, beauty. De Rosa SK Pininfarina, luxury edition. That, I love it. Everything about it. All right, it’s got a
monstrous bottle in there, but I can see past that. I can see low clouds in the background. I can see Campagnolo Bora Ultra wheel, or Bora One, sorry, wheels. Ah, it’s an absolute joy to behold. That, that, that is beautiful. That blue, yeah, super nice. (bell) Right, next up is Christopher, who’s on the Front Beach,
Torquay, Victoria, Australia. Ah, never been to Victoria in Australia. Happily go along though, Christopher, if you send me a ticket, mate. Hopefully I’ll actually be going down to the Tour Down Under
again, in early 2022, so I could combine the two trips. I could come and stay for a while. Anyway, right, this is
Christopher’s Olmo Giro, from 1998. I tell you what Christopher, that looks older than 1998, just because, I don’t know, 1998 doesn’t
seem that long ago, but the bike looks really old. Anyway, well, I guess it’s
still 20 years, 21 years ago. Steel tubes obviously, we
got an Elite QEC bottle cage, we got sort of chrome ends
on the rear end there, on the chain stays and seat stays. Chrome forks, beautiful stem. I reckon that’s a Cinelli, I think they’re called Pinocchio, or something like that. It was a Grammo Pinnochio, because of that little red bit on the top, and they said it looked like
Pinocchio’s nose I think, in the advertisements. Flite titanium saddle,
one of the original ones. Gold chain. Could well be KMC, could
well be a Sachs Sedis, or even the Sedis Gold,
or even a Regina, Regina. They were absolute beauties. MRGRUMPY53, I’m sure you’ll know. Right, we’ve got white sidewall tires. They don’t look like gum or tan, they just look like white, which they could well be Michelin. Either way, absolutely beautiful bike, but I reckon you could have got an even better backdrop, mate. You’re in Australia. You know, you’ve got these golden beaches, absolutely beautiful. Just move it over to
the side a little bit, and it would have got super nice. Nice, resubmit it, using the app, and you will probably get a super nice. Okay, Jonathan in Forest
Park, Portland, Oregon. This is the Trek Checkpoint bike. Oh I can’t see the bike for the trees, ha. Love it. It’s really well done. You’ve captured everything about that off-road, gravel adventure there. The bike probably not quite as close as what we’d normally like, but I think just the beauty, and how jealous I feel from seeing this, is, has earned you a super nice. (bell) Well done my friend. Right, and the final one
is Corey in Llanarthney, or Llanarthney, in
Carmarthensire in Wales. It’s a Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2, which is a really nice looking bike there, but hang on a minute. That’s Paxton’s Tower in the background. That’s the Neo-Gothic folly, erected in honor of Lord Nelson, and took approximately
three years to build, in between, I think from
memory, 1806 and 1809. Now it stands at 36 feet high, so just under 11 meters
in the metric system. And then one of the most
impressive features actually, about the Paxton’s Tower, is the fact that the
lower part of the tower is triangular in shape, with a turret at each corner. And not forgetting the banquet
room on the first floor. Now on the second floor, there’s a hexagonal prospect room, surrounded by roof terraces, and landmarks like these often aren’t seen as a visitor attraction as such, but head on over to
Carmarthenshire in Wales, and you can. And well, nice or super nice, anything to do with Lord Nelson
gets a super nice from me. (bell) More Bike Vault next week. There we are, another
GCN Tech Show in the bag. Remember as well to like and share this with your friends, and
don’t forget to subscribe to the GCN Tech channel, and also click that
little notification icon, so you get alerted each and every time we put a video live. And remember to check out the GCN Shop, at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com, and we’ve got a whole heap of stuff for you to check out, and now for two more great videos, how about clicking just down here, and just down here, and next week, normal service will be resumed. There will be two of us. Oh yes.

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96 thoughts on “15 Speed Groupsets & Other Fantasy Future Bike Tech | GCN Tech Show Ep. 95

  1. I ran a NuVinci CVT on a heavy Gazelle city bike for a few years. If weight and expense isn’t a big issue, this is a nice transmission.

  2. Nuvinci has the 360 cvt transmission. It's more for touring bikes iirc.

    And 68mm threaded should be the standard.

    I wonder if tpms could be included in a bike and be monitored by a cell phone or Garmin.

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    Size-Adjustable 3d Models are already available and you can adjust specific Areas to make it what you need beforehand. No Shoes as far i know, but it would be awesome!

    If i had some Idea how to make those, there would be a possibility to "Pre-Drill" the holes for the Pedals, Foot Width/Length etc
    You can Print a hard Sole later switching the Filament from something CF reinforced to Rubber Mid-Print with a 200€ chinese machine.
    Also remember that you can print the Sole hollow saving weight, you can test the Aerodynamics on your home PC and there are also Structures that can only be made with a 3D Printer.
    You could carry a Pair of shoes on a keychain USB-stick when traveling…
    imagine that





  5. The new tech I would like to see standardized is really old tech. Years and years ago Shimano had a cassette ( 7 speed I believe) that was held together by screws. So you could take it apart to clean it and change the cog as needed. You could make the perfect cassette for your riding area.

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  14. The problem I see with more gears is shifting smoothly. The more gears there are the the more precise adjustment becomes an issue.

    With bottom brackets, you need two standards. Alloy frames get a threaded standard and composite frames get a press fit one.

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  19. Accelerometer in eBikes, which can tell if you're going uphill (and how steep), on a flat or going downhill. Going up steep climbs it would provide far more power so you stay within the 15.5mph EU rules and when going downhill, it would use a dynamo to charge itself back up when the motor isn't needed

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  28. A reflective sticker kick starter? Mean while most tyres you can buy with a Reflective stripe that goes all around. You know what you should have made Reflective Stripes to Stick on your Road Bike Cloths. Most RoadBike cloths come with the smallest esiest to ripp off reflective LOGOS, that reflect nothing. Make a kickstarter for things that don't have a better alternative.

  29. I freaking told you the only thing that will come out of Gravel is slapping a drop bar on your Hardtail. It's the only thing that makes sense now.

  30. Eddy Merckx set the 1 hour record at 49 km in 1972 , in the year 2014 the record was 51 km. However in 2014 , they used a triathlon bike.The question is , was is i the bike or just the position and a more able rider ?What I try to say, that in someway bikes didn't became much faster .Eddy Merck's used a simple steel bike.

  31. Thanks, Jon, enjoyed those innovative thoughts and what not. And where was the guy who does the accents? I like how he doesn't really ring the bell.

  32. Regarding one standard to rule them all (for bbs, mech hangers etc), the problem is captured nicely here: https://xkcd.com/927/

  33. Its quite easy to do a DIY heated steer. Grab a pair of thin heater elements used in snowmobiles,


    Hook them up to a standard battery pack, ~6v should be ok for the relative slow speed.

  34. #askgcntech

    A friend of mine rides a Cervelo S3 with an 11 speed sram casette.
    In winter he trains indoors on a Tacx, now he is buying a new bike, Cervelo S5, with a 12 speed casette and Sram E-tap

    Now the Tacx won't fit a 12 speed, is it possible to alter set-ups in a easy way so the E-tap can alter between 11 and 12 speed cassettes?

  35. Innovation to make riding a bike easier? How much easier do you want it? How many gears do you really need? Few riders use them all, even when all they only have is ten(5 X 2). Electric assist reduces human wattage output almost zero. Where is the sport going? No brain or body effort, just technology?

  36. Here in Brazil we have a company who developed an universal (emergency) rear derailleur hanger called Gantech gancheiras (as gancheira is the portuguese word for hanger) that already saved me in a MTB Ride.

  37. I've dreamed of heated handlebars before…would be wonderful! They don't make good bar pogies for drop bars :/

    As for cooling…I have heavy (like 4-5oz veg tan) leather bar tape, and if I give them a soak them before a hot ride I get some evaporative cooling going on.

  38. Gravel with stones big enough to reach your sidewalls (on gatorskins anyway) tear out said sidewalls resulting in an unsealable puncture. Cloth sidewalls.just don't survive if you can't pick a smoothish line in big gravel. That's likely why reenforced sidewalls are a thing. I'd buy those.

  39. re: 4:04 remotely controlled tire pressure, here you go: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/whitecrow-hub-adjust-your-tire-pressure-on-the-go#/


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