14 October 2016 Japan News: autumn, high-tech, musical show, tourism…

Good afternoon, I’m Sébastien Duval and this
is the Get Japan news! The clock is ticking. Tonight at 19:00 there
is a Gourmet tour with cultural exchange in the Asakusa hoppy street in the north-east
of Tokyo city. You would go to izakaya restaurants and enjoy with other people. First don’t forget
to register on the Website of Tadaima Japan! Since last month and until the end of November,
you can enjoy a musical show called “Sakura, Japan in the box”. You can see Japanese dancers,
mainly girls I think and it has modern & traditional touches. It will be in Meiji-za (Meiji theatre)
in Nihombashi district in the east of Tokyo. The shows are either at 19:00 or 20:30, it
lasts one hour and… there are synchronized animations going with the dances and the music
and there is a blizzard of cherry blossoms! Good news for tourists in Tokyo: 6 Japanese
companies of train & subway have made a Tokyo Sightseeing Map. Look at that! Isn’t it nice?
It’s in English, it’s free, you can get it at the major train stations and you even have
the airports on it. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!!!
Good news for tree-huggers and hikers in Japan: you can already enjoy the koyo season. This
is the period when we have autumn leaves. They can be red, orange, yellow… everywhere.
In Hokkaido it’s already the peak (north north-east of Japan) and a bit south, you have the Tohoku
area, you have a few mountains with beautiful landscapes. Now in the coming weeks, the temperatures
go down all over Japan and then you will have koyo everywhere in Tokyo, in Kyoto, and down
in Kyushu. I know many of you are gourmets so if you
go to Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan, this week, next week and the following week you
can enjoy wonderful seasonal pancakes. Look at the picture. Don’t they look delicious?
Let’s finish the news with news for fans of science & technology.
We have 4 events coming. Number 1, we have the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition
at Tokyo Big Sight open to the public tomorrow… that’s wonderful… It’s very cheap (1.200
yens), it’s free for students, there will be a lecture by Naoko Yamazaki who is a Japanese
astronaut, a lady, and there will be shows from the Japan Air self-defence force.
After that, we have the Japan Robot Week. There will be awards, there will be exhibitions
from universities & labs. It should be super exciting! Robots… That’s… Japan is the
country for robots. That should be cool, so so cool! Then, that’s on 19, 20 & 21 October
2016 by the way. Then at the same time we have the Mobile & Wearable
2016 event. it’s 3.000 yens. There will be maybe 300 companies, 800 booths. Should be
quite exciting too and… we have the Internet of Things ioT Japan 2016 event at the same
time at the same place. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I am
helping at a conference SUI 2016; it’s a symposium about Spatial User Interaction, it’s going
to be really cool, we will have a sumi-e live performance, we will have a banquet on a boat
and… if we can meet there it’s wonderful. If we don’t, see you next week, see you next
Friday for more news. Enjoy the week, enjoy Japan!

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