13 Minute Lightworker Guided Meditation to Let Go of Anxiety and Stress

(intense music and static) (soft jingle) – [Narrator] Welcome to
this #GetWoke meditation. I’m Jaron. If you’re feeling the
effects of anxiety right now, you’re not alone. I created this session to help us let go. Let’s begin by closing our eyes, and just begin to breathe and relax. There’s nothing else to
think about right now. Just place your full, undistracted
attention on the breath. (gentle calming music) Now for a second, pay
attention to your mood. Maybe you’re worried about something. Just notice where in your body you feel anxiety grow. How does anxiety feel physically? Just become aware of its traits. Anxiety is like this dangling negative thought that keeps reappearing. Pay attention to this
because the first step to letting go is to remind ourselves that we are not our thoughts. We are just an observer of them. To experience this, try paying attention to the source of attention. Where does attention come from? What is paying attention? Sit in stillness, and just
focus calmly on breathing. Anxiety is a sign that some part of our life needs to change. It’s usually a goal or expectation, maybe one that was even
set by someone else. It could be money,
success, a relationship, work demands, perfectionism, or something we think we need. We already have everything we need. I want you to smile, focus on breathing, and just let yourself rest
in a state of awareness. Let go of your fear. Let go of your ego. Be real with yourself and acknowledge, what desire is causing your pain? In order for our life to improve, we also have to start
thinking more positively. Visualize yourself happy, free, selfless. Smile, and focus on being joyful in the present moment. This has been good. Now, relax and let all of
your thoughts fade away. Pay attention to the
breath, and as you inhale, think the word calm. And as you exhale, think the word happy. Calm, happy. Calm, happy. Now while we continue
to focus on the breath, and if you were lost in thought, just return back to the breath, also place a wider awareness
on sensations in your body. Whatever sensations you notice, just let them go right now. Remember, they’re just thoughts too. Let’s sit in stillness
while focusing on breathing. Even though we’re staring
into emptiness as we sit here, notice that you can still see something. Try to let your mind
expand into this space. See if you can feel a
connection to the oneness that is everything in this
space and the universe. Welcome to Source. I want you to repeat the
following words after me. I’m so grateful. Life will be great no
matter what the outcome. I keep my focus on the present moment. Something amazing is about to happen. I am the source of positive thoughts. For this last part of the meditation, turn your awareness on
itself to the infinite now that is observing. Giving this meditation has been healing. When anxiety creeps up, return your focus back to open awareness, and be grateful for the present moment. Lightworkers believe you can
choose the future you want, so stay positive without getting sucked into somebody else’s fear. Thank you for joining,
and also thank yourself for taking time to become present. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. How do you feel? Subscribe to this
channel, and I’ll see you here Mondays and Thursdays
on #GetWoke with Jaron.

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20 thoughts on “13 Minute Lightworker Guided Meditation to Let Go of Anxiety and Stress

  1. Definitely needed this today, been a stressful day so far and I feel a lot better now. Ready to conquer the world 👊👍.

  2. I appreciate it. I've been going through anxiety & depression for three years. I'll like, share, and subscibe because of this video😊☺😀

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