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100 thoughts on “12 Core Gaming PC for $500 — Benchmarks — Comparison to Ryzen 9 3900X

  1. XEON! They are heaps of fun and most games are quite well optimised and run well with low clock speed. Just don't play AC Odyssey.

  2. So… here is your system on Geekbench4. It scores 2,460/16,583.

    For perspective, the R5 3600 is scoring 5,939 / 31,168, which is twice as fast on half as many cores. On an X470 board with stock frequencies on WIndows.

    On Linux it reached 6,493 / 32,859.

    All while consuming a mere 65 watts.

    Zen2 is going to obsolete a whole bunch of existing server hardware.

  3. 1st Gen Ryzen 5 is now the price/performance metric by which to decide go or no-go on these super fun xeon builds. That being said, I JUST built a 4.3Ghz X5660 / GTX 980 machine for a talented but poor Overwatch player who wanted to start streaming. At $370 total cost and the higher clocks afforded by a decent ASUS X58 motherboard. The machine is now good enough for unhindered skills and gaming career development. But in regards to this video, at $500, you can build a solid 1st Gen Ryzen 5. Please, Tech, take the Yes Man cool-aid and drop that X5675 into an ASUS or EVGA board (please don't drop it into an MSI or Gigabyte one for. . . . . reasons). Ok. . .maybe it's best to wait until winter when you might need house heating.

  4. la asta i-o dat intel bani sa strice meciu cu vechituri de 9 ani care pot sa crape una doua pff , dar noh asta e oricum amd va fi varianta super ok pret performanta

  5. will the new ryzen 9 12 core 24 threads be compatible with an existing ASUS x470 motherboard ? power supply? or do I have to get a new board?

  6. I don’t understand why you didn’t use a 1060 6gb card, why would you use a 3gb 1060 and compare it with a 2060?

  7. Why would anyone do this over modern gaming options? Check out PCPARTPICKER's Entry Level Gaming Build for Intel and AMD. They are both sub $500 builds and easily out perform this build/idea. You can YouTube search benchmarks for both those builds and see so. If you like to tinker with Xeon's and tell everyone you have 12 Cores and 24 Threads then cool but other wise newer options are the real deals here. I would not recommend this to anyone wanting to build a gaming PC today.

  8. @Tech Deals
    For future videos you might want to elaborate when you give such power cable extension advice. In this case it is safe because PCIe is a standard but people do some weird things with that and don't understand that different PSU's have different internal wiring and use cables with different wiring because for some weird reason that is not a standard. 🙂
    Maybe a warning would be a good idea? Or they put too many fans on one connector on the motherboard (2 is fine, 3 can be fine, more is ill-advised as I understand it). You could easily do a full video on this subject, it fits nicely with your intention to go back to the core of your channel because the audience wants that.

    That result of Division 2 for you surprised me, I didn't see that one coming and I am not often surprised any more by gaming benchmarks. My thought on this result: lot of latency because that 3 GB on the GTX 1060 is not enough and copying data from that DDR3 to that GDDR5 takes too long. On another topic, I just noticed that I put my computer with its full weight on my ehternet cable which got flattened. It still works and there is no visible loss of performance. I am impressed.

  9. Your running out of VRAM and inadequacy of memory bandwidth ……. makes me wonder that you are probably not getting benefit of Tripple Channel Memory Bandwidth. These machines came in two versions. One which had 4 DIMM slots per CPU and another where it has 6 DIMM Slots per CPU. 4 Slot version have dual chanel and 6 slot version is tripple channel memory bandwidth. Trippple Channel 1333 MHz is equivalent to 2000 MHz Dual Channel. So tripple channel DDR3 may be comparable to Dual Channel DDR4 on modern chipsets. Perhaps you picked up wromg version, otherwise you wont be feeling inadequacy of VRAM.

  10. Wow I have the same machine and I bought it 3 years ago. it has also a GTX 1070 G1 gaming. I assure you it's a beast. Runs everything at maximum on 1080p resolution. I have also the X5650 xeons 6 core each and 48Giga ECC Ram. With 550€ and 450€ for the graphics card without realizing it made a freaking beast with only 1000€.

  11. That's the thing. At any price point Intel has better offering than AMD. This CPU runs games as good as 2700x

  12. 17:06 "and all things considered, modern CPUs are nicer, but you CAAAAN, which is actually pretty cool, all things considered"


  13. up until last week I was using a z600 with 2 xeon 5675s, 40gb of ecc registered ddr3 and a gtx 1060 3gb, it was a well balanced system and I loved it.
    If anyone in the UK wants to buy it, let me know 🙂

  14. @Tech Deals – Thanks for the video. Would you mind reviewing the Dell Inspiron 7000 series AIO desktops? The AMD ones are intriguing. Specifically, I want to get rid of my older desktops because I can't stand the heat they radiate. I'd like to know how well they perform, and how much heat they radiate. Personally, it would be worth the change based on the heat output alone (if it is noticeably better). Thanks.

  15. I am waiting for 3950x to drop to $500! 16 cores, this 12 cores is not good enough for me.

  16. You can build a workstation e5-1650 w/32 gb ram, a 500 gb nvme, and an rx580 8gb for around $450-475. That would be a lot better deal for gaming if you can deal with just 6c/12t

  17. hahaha i remember a year or two ago looking at used old xeons on ebay. i decided to just go for something newer

  18. Hey, that's xeons are overclockable, easily hit 4Ghz on air. I wonder if i OC CPUs, could it increase FPS in these games?
    And should i build one of these machine, used X5675, X58 mobo and RX580/Vega64. OC it and hope it will be faster??

  19. i dont see any comparison again the Ryzen 9 3900X in terms of performance.. well mainly because the 3900X is not out yet for consumers…. kinda of a click bait title imo.. but hey a free world i guess lol..

  20. I don't understand the title of the video, what does it have to do with a Ryzen 3900x , how do you compare your machine to the Ryzen ? | Title > ( 12 Core Gaming PC for $500 — Benchmarks — Comparison to Ryzen 9 3900X ). That being said it's a nice video, it just doesen't make any sense with that title.

  21. I myself went with a WorkStation for my Video editing efforts it is circa 2013 2 8 core Xeons with hyperthreading, but I went with RTX2070 and 128GB ram the video card was $400 or so, but should I decide to go with latest and greatest AMD the RTX2070 goes in it. Also, I generally prefer the stability and build quality of WorkStations anyway. So with this guy, in this particular case, I agree with him and the logic and reasoning is sound. I am listening to this guy and my primary concern is only video editing. I have two even older Workstations Circa 2008 Workstations and with a GTX780 in one and an GTX980 in the other one Davinci Resolve tells me I good to go to edit 4K and below video and the GTX780 only has 3GB DDR6 memory. Go figure. As far as gaming is concerned, I'm 52 years old-not about to happen.

  22. Can you buy one of these add a couple ssds and graphics cards and use vms to basicly have 2 decent gaming pcs? Using one gpu for each i would love to see how that works upvote if you agree

  23. x5650 has been a stellar deal the last few years if one could get lga 1366 board for cheap. In 2019 I would not recommend it to anyone. x5650 is power hungry, if you overclock it (which you should to really make it good) then it consumes ALOT. Last year it was better to get onto i7-2600k instead, this year, first gen of ryzen is just too good of a deal. New or used, does not matter, they are dirt cheap and hellishly good for their cost with an upgrade path, pcie 3.0, ddr4 etc.
    LGA1366 still has a warm spot in my heart though, incredible architecture.

  24. My Dell PowerEdge R610 uses 2 Intel Xeon X5690 3.46GHz (Turbo – 3.73GHz) 6 Core 12 Threads Processors and has 96GB of ram 🙂 should really look into getting a graphics card for it

  25. My friend gave me a IBM system 3650 M3's they are dual cpu 12c/24t.I can get a riser card to fit a gpu but i don't see the need to i use it as a storage server.It has unparalleled network it has massive safety features.They have the l5640 cpu's in (L meaning low power only 60w tdp)and it has x2 675w psu's in.I compared her to my ryzen 5 2600 and my ryzen still smokes her in everyday tasks.Cinebench R15 has about 100 lower score cpu-z she gets around 30points more but idk how accurate it is.

  26. It think for latest AAA games you only need 12 GBs of ram at max and a 6 GB gtx 1060, this combo will easily give you close to avg 70 fps at 1080p maxed out settings. And a 6 core 3.4 or higher processor with hyperthreading to process all the information with an SSD. I have a similar PC with xeon 2463 V2 processor at 3.4 ghz and i get an average of 80 fps in battlefield 5 at maximum settings at 1080p.

  27. You have one of a kind charm. I mean seriously I don't even intend to buy this and I still watch video.

  28. You can build a Ryzen 5 1600 ($80-$100) machine for about the same or a little bit more but lord will it blow it out of the water in games

  29. You should try using a couple of x5687's in there, there fairly cheap quad cores but they have a boost clock of 3.86ghz so help a lot with the single thread limitations 👍

  30. Wooow that's a huge bottleneck there between the Pcie 2.0 and slow RAM, it's a shame you couldn't add the 1080p value king the RX570 in this case with 8GB, it would be a much better match with those constraints. Thanks for so many details I love learning these stuff, you are one of the best tech YouTubers!

  31. Thing is the 1060 is 3GB while the 2060 is 6GB, what would the 1060 GB be like? Obviously the 2060 is going to be faster but the GDDR difference isn't helping- the 1060 3TB isn't up to modern gaming while the 6GB is just hanging in there with 1080p.

  32. Do you guys suggest a "new" cheap sound card from Amazon or a used, older but formerly "high-end" sound card from Ebay?

  33. 😀 thanks for giving the HP Zee Workstations some loving 😍 and please just ignore 😒 the amd haters 😒 heehee 😊

    ✌😏😊 heres my thoughts and rants….

    🙂 Checkout the Z2?? & Z4?? lineup, they are more easier to work with for transplanting into a regular pc case, plus you really only need one cpu if your happy with Console PS3 360 Gaming Performance 🕹😍🎮

    🙂 HP Z200 series are more like consumer oriented, so you will see 1156 1155 1150, but they have more compatibility, they support regular i cpus and xeons, plus they usually support both regular consumer ddr3 or ECC Server Memory, so u have more options, compatibility is king! 😍 And yes First Gen 1156 supports Apex Legends & Odyssey because it has the needed CPU Instruction Set ✌😏

    💪😏 HP Z400 & Higher, now thats a legit manly workstation where you see the X cpus with 6core 12threads, i think they support W cpus, and the newer models use LGA2011, those cpus are still very expensive tho 😊

    😒 uhm the HP Zee oem cases are stupid heavy, overbuilt & overkill, i suggest transplanting into a regular pc case if you can! 😀

    🙂 yes HP Zee workstations are stupid expensive when new, but i believe the price also includes 3 years of service, parts, labor, in house service techman, etc

    🐢 Checkout 'greenpcgamers' utube channel, they seem to specialize in testing and upgrading workstations into gaming pcs, they go step by step with instructions, they tell you what adapter cables you might need to switch out the power supply because its weird and proprietary

    🐢 checkout the hong kong website
    "modDIY", they have a nice database on what Cable Adapters are needed if you want to modify an oem Workstation, most of the oem HP power supplys use different plugs or the wires are pinned out in different locations on the 24 pin connector.

    🍓 Dont be afraid to use the HP oem power supply, they are 80 plus certified, even on the HP Z200 its 80 plus gold certified, built by Delta, but sure maybe blow it out and do a thorough visual inspection, make sure nothing is broken or wires got cut or insulating cut through, the Z200 320w doesnt have a video plug but you can simply use a Molex or Sata adapter to 6pin plug, as long as its a 6pin video card you will be ok, for example a 950 or 1060

    🙂 if ur lucky u can get these workstations really super cheap from governments and universitys and thrift stores and recycling centers, especially if it comes with only a crappy celeron or pentium cpu, and an intel sticker of a crappy cpu on the front panel, of course you know that i know we can upgrade the cpu with a cheap beastly hyperthreaded Xeon CPU ✌😏🐢😎

    🙂 TIP: workstations are really weird, u need to think outside the box, sometimes its alot cheaper just to get everything a la carte, piece by piece, and forget about the oem case, some of these motherboards only go for $25 shipped, of course you need to know what your doing and which ones are more DIY friendly, and of course you dont really need everything working on the board 😊

    🙂 its very common to see 1070 8GB video cards in these machines, and thanks for the vram tests, thats a good point to step up to video cards with more vram 🕹🎮

    ✌😏 Thanks Again and Have a Nice Weekend and 4th of July and God Bless 😇🌈🌅🌻🇺🇸


  34. Seems like used 1070 would fit perfectly for this build, more vram than gtx 1060/2060 and should be pretty cheap too!

  35. games are not designed to utilize 12 cores (24 threads). if you have to go this route, a Z420 is a better choice for gaming, only has 1 cpu, but with higher frequency which can really help gaming performance.

  36. Hi, do you think that a vega 55 rog strix for 270 Euro is a good deal? Cheapest 2060 in my country is 350

  37. a VERY important thing for these workstations is to use a program called THROTTLESTOP, it lets you overclock the cpu inside windows if you have an unlocked multiplier. It works on the hp z400 and hp z600 motherboards. I have a system i built locked at a 4.0 ghz on all cores on a w3690, and could go further. the temps are around 55c under load . that tool makes these workstations VERY VERY feasible for gaming systems

  38. You can buy a ryzen 2600 and a b350 motherboard together for less than 200 dollar and still outperforms this Intel cpu in both single and multithreaded workloads.

  39. if it's 200-300 ,it's ok. but not 500 for this. it's not so easy as he is saying. take ryzen etc ,then you have support , furture etc.
    for this thing you have to buy always the old stuffs.

  40. Loved this video. Didn't need a gaming system, I don't play games, but was looking for a system for doing virtualization with. Was able to get a dual X5680 with 72 GB Ram.

  41. I was looking at doing this with a Dell a few months ago but it's not worth it now $610 got me a ryzen 2600, Sapphire rx 580 8gb, 16GB 3200ram, 512g m.2, b450 and 600watt power, case with 3 fans. All new…

  42. Hi tech deals. I purchased today which i think is the most insane deal. 1000hkd or 128usd for a 3 year old lenovo thinkstation m700. With i5-6400, 1x8gb ddr4, uatx board, Samsung ssd 256gb. Lenovo keyboard and mouse. And benq standard 20inches led mon.

  43. A dell t5500 with 12gb and a x5680 will work better b/c of its higher single thread performance, and they go for as low as $104 on ebay w/o an HD you could have a betyer gaming rig for 300, not 500 dollars.

  44. I like how the smaller rtx cards look bc even though it's a small card it has a huge thick heatsync and it makes smaller PCs with limited room more relevant

  45. I bought one of these 2 weeks ago for $40

    Only had one x5672, but the second just got delivered from ebay for $11

    Came with 6gb of ram. Will need to increase that for sure…

    The triple channel memory actually makes even 1333 ddr3 quite sufficient for today's tasks

  46. I got a DELL Precision T5600 with dual E5-2667's and 32GB DDR3 1600 MHz (4 ch), and an 825W power supply. It was a company decommissioning program; former developer's work station. Got it for FREE! Thru in an SSD ($40) and a GTX 970 OC'd m($120) and voila…a great productivity machine with solid 1080P gaming performance.

  47. You could probably OC the CPU with Intel XTU. Doesn't give voltage control but you could push close to 4Ghz on it

  48. Thanks for the review and what you can get on a budget, but I'm still buying the Ryzen 3900x on a X570 board with the Gigabyte 1TB PCI Gen4 4X SSD, and not because I work on it, but because I can. I've been on the budget side for many years, but now that I don't have to be, I'm buying what I can afford.

  49. I'm running an HP ml350 G6 with 2x x5672 3.2Ghz and 24gb 1333mhz ddr3, Gtx 970, 480gb ssd. The whole setup cost me about 500$ Canadian

  50. I upgraded last month to a system with an EVGA classified sr-2 2 x5670's (still looking to overclock those), 48GB and an AMD Radeon HD7990 for €525 but I'm looking to upgrade to a gpu like the Vega 56

  51. If security is important, then:

    — The HP system will likely suffer a noticeable performance hit, when patching the "Meltdown" vulnerability (typically via anti-virus software).

    — The HP system will likely never see a BIOS patch for the "Spectre" vulnerability.

  52. I'd be very interested to see what sort of performance you'd get with more powerful yet still non-current processors, e.g. two 4-core 3GHz+ Xeon v2's. Any chance of seeing something like that in the future?

  53. I really like the comparison here with the 1060 3GB vs RTX 2060 6GB. I would like to see a higher VRAM on 1060 at least more than 3GB for a more fair apples to oranges comparison. I bought a GTX 1060 6GB on Tech Deals recommendations a couple years ago and have been happy with the way it has hold it value. I only game on a 1080 monitor, but I still can set games to high/ultimate and the frame rate is solid.

  54. I love the Z600
    I'm currently running

    Operating System

    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


    Intel Xeon X5672 @ 3.20GHz 38 °C

    Westmere-EP 32nm Technology

    Intel Xeon X5672 @ 3.20GHz 41 °C

    Westmere-EP 32nm Technology


    16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 664MHz (9-9-9-24)


    Hewlett-Packard 0AE8h (CPU0 PROCESSOR) 36 °C


    Samsung KU6300 LED TV 4K HDR UHD (3840×[email protected])

    X183H (1366×[email protected])

    4095MB (8G) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Gigabyte) 43 °C


    119GB Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series (SATA (SSD)) 27 °C

    931GB Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 (SATA ) 27 °C

    Optical Drives



    NVIDIA High Definition Audio

  55. Check with a VR device on compatilbilty with OLD CPUs….Some OK, some not.
    I bought a lot of cheap XEONS and you must spend half of that $500 just for a MOTHERBOARD that OverClocks !!! Seriously.
    You might even not get much of a turbo, you want to by buy the top speed **that will cost in a Xeon** as EVERYBODY KNOW ALREADY !!!!
    This dud is Smoking Something but at least he acts like he is happy as he makes some HUGE misrepresentations.
    He is only NOT lying in 4K gaming of 1080p resolution, with a trusty old GTX1080 or HIGHER !!!! At hi-res the CPU does not much figure in.

  56. Except that it's an HP, which means that it contains one or more fatal (and proprietary weak link) integrated component that belongs on a bargain bend PC.

  57. I got one from goodwill for $150 it had 2 four-core CPU I bought 2 six-core Xeons for under $10 for both and put 1060 6gb in its play every I throw at it

  58. I have the same machine, I bought an MSI GTX 1070 GPU, it requires two power connectors, 6 pin and 8 pin, I had to get an adapter for the 8 pin from SATA, the pc boot up normally, but a game like Fortnite will cause the PSU to shutdown instantly once the game starts (main menu works fine until you start playing).
    Is the PSU (650w allegedly) not enough for the GPU? or mine is faulty?

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