11 Things for $11 or less: 2019 Singles Day Sale on AliExpress

Ni hao ma, my dear Aliholics! The 11.11 sale is just around the corner,
and to commemorate this, I present you 11 things that you can get for $11 or less! Even if you don’t trust the sale prices,
you can still use coupons to save a few extra bucks, and you can earn coins by adding any
products to the cart before the sale starts. And now, let’s begin! The first item to day is a travel dispenser. It has 4 individual bottles for things like
shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion or hand sanitizer, which go into the single unit. You then can label them accordingly, save
that precious cargo space, and add a little extra safety to avoid accidental spills in
your luggage so that your shirts don’t look like Monica Lewinski’s top in 1998. TWS, or True Wireless earphones have been
a big hit this year. The airpods are expensive, so many people
have turned to cheaper sources. These ones come with a charging case with
a 2200 mAh capacity and they are water-resistant with a claimed IPX5 rating. They are also claimed to work on a Bluetooth
5.0 protocol, although we probably can suspect that at this price this is all a load of horse
xxxx But at this price – as long as they work, which according to the feedback they do, and
quite well – we can already be happy. Another cheap gadget, this Bluetooth speaker. The seller is not trying to overhype the product
with meaningless features, so here is what we get: 6 color options, Bluetooth 4.1, SD
and TF card support, and an AUX and USB ports. You can also switch track by touching the
speaker and take and also make calls with the built-in mic. The flashing can be adjusted with the button
on the side of the speaker. Overall, not bad for less than $5 including
shipping. Another thing you can get is this vortex piggy…bank? Coin holder? Whatever you want to call it, it is a combination
of a money storing container and a visual representation of a physics experiment showing
you how gravity works. The coins do a cool swirly swirl before going
in. Gives another meaning to putting the money
down the drain. Okay, here is another 3D printed light, this
one made in the shape of Saturn. There are 2 color options in this listing,
and in 3 different sizes. This model comes with the remote control so
you can change between the colors, and you can also adjust the brightness by either the
remote, or by tapping and holding the charging port on the bottom. A window cleaning device that comes in 4 colors. You may have seen it in previous videos, but
I added it again because I found a gif illustrating how it works. There are magnets that hold the inside and
the outside part together through the glass, and there is a string that will hold the outside
part in case it detaches. A sports water bottle holder, for all the
New Year’s resolutioners. It should arrive in time before the New Year
so you will have enough time to give up on your resolutions in February. There are pockets on both sides of it for
miscellaneous items like keys and smartphones. On the front there is a reflective strip for
better visibility at night. For an additional $2 you also get a soft bottle
that can be used with it. Action figures. They are done with pretty impressive attention
to detail. They are pretty flexible and willingly take
a variety of positions, unlike your wife after the first decade of being married. There is a ton of different character options. A box will set you back another $3. A friends t-shirt with a little twist. If you get it, you get it. There is 10 different colors to pick from. Cute little holders for miscellaneous things
like cotton swabs, toothpicks, paperclips and so on. They come in two different colors – white
and black, and if you don’t like sheep, there is an elephant design, but also shame
on you, because sheep are awesome. String lights for aesthetic-izing your living
space. Instagram has made them so popular, but for
a reason – they do make a living space cozier. There is a variety of sizes, and all of them
have different lighting effects. There are over 10,000 orders in this listing
alone. If you don’t want to buy any of these products,
but still want to support the channel, please click the buy link, or any of the links in
this video, and we will get a small commission on your order. This won’t cost you anything, but it will
help to keep me motivated to keep producing more content. Thank you for watching, and I hope you have
a pleasant day. Cheers!

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