#10YearsChallenge trendi Facebook tərəfindən yaradılmışdı? | Tech-News #16

Technology world is changing and improving everyday also while doing that it affects our daily lives too. So, let’s find out what happened last week in this everchanging Tech-World. You’re watching Tech-News presented by Azercell. Last week a company called App Annie shared a research about mobile apps in 2018. Research says that user have downloaded 194 billion apps. On the profit scene the leader category was games with 74 billion out of 101 billion. On the other side #10Yearschallenge hash photos became widely popular on the whole world. With this new trend people started to share their 10 years before photos compared to their current forms and celebrities were quick to join. At the same time some people claimed that facebook created this challenge in order to improve their face learning mechanism. But facebook officials have denied this claim. Also this week Azercell released a new app called NNTV which will serve its users as portable tv set. With the help of this service Azercell users can get their hands on 150 TV channels with high speed internet and high quality picture. NNTV service does not require any additional equipement. With the help of this service you can watch TV channels in any place, while being connected to whichever provider. Remember to subscribe to our channel in order to keep up with the ever changing technology world

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