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Hey, what’s up, guys! Welcome back to the channel! My name is Leo Chan of Levitate Style. Today I’m starting a new series called “Keeping It 100!” A lot of you guys really loved the Zara shopping haul video that I did and also you guys wanted to see more budget outfits and $100 shopping challenge, so I decided to combine the two together and we’re gonna work on this new series called “Keeping It 100!” for the fall. First up we have Uniqlo! In this challenge each one of these outfits I’ve kept to a hundred dollars. It was a little challenging, for sure, but I was able to put together three outfits for you guys that’s perfect for the Fall. Right here on the table I have all the items that I bought from Uniqlo. I’m gonna go through each one of these items and then I’m gonna show you like a quick lookbook of how I’m gonna wear it. Just in case you thought I was cheating I have the receipt to prove it. Total amount less than three hundred dollars for all three outfits. So this challenge I want to bring you three outfits that can let you go from work to weekend. First one is a sharp casual look with the blue jeans. But, first up we have a soft unlined blazer for $60. I picked this blazer because, number one, is a must-have item for the Fall. I picked a gray color because I wanted to pair it with navy jeans. This is a great one to have and you can perfectly wear that to work to weekend. This is also a great slim fit piece with stretchy fabric and so it’s gonna form to your body. This pair of jeans is $40 normally, but I did get a discount for this shopping challenge to bring my costs down. I love these slim fit stretchy jeans. You can wear them all day. They’re really comfortable. To layer for this look I just went with a simple white t-shirt. This is their nicer cotton t-shirt for 10 dollars. So for the sake of the challenge, $100 for this outfit, with a blazer and a pair of jeans the easiest way is to layer with a t-shirt. Really nice and soft and definitely a good pick up from Uniqlo. Then I have Casual Friday look here with these great pants This is another must-have item for the fall: the classic denim jacket! I went with a darker color for the fall because I like darker tones. The denim jacket is also just the right size as a light layer just to wear on its own or to wear underneath a bigger jacket. A classic navy stripe long-sleeve shirt. This you can just get for $20. I love this because you can really wear this all year round. It’s not just for the Fall. They also have this in a lot of great fall colors. I wanted to get a navy to stick to this classic look. This is a thicker material with a lot of texture and you can wear this on its own or layer with a jacket. To finish off this look I have these gray ankle dress pants. These are affordable, stylish dress pant in a classic gray color and what I like about it is it’s already cropped at the ankle line so you really don’t have to go for any tailoring. These dress pants also has this thing called “easy care.” Throw them in the wash and they’re going to be wrinkle free. These also have a stretch to it for all-day comfort. And last, but not least… of course the weekend with these beige pants! First item of this outfit is this red windbreaker jacket. Three reasons why I love this jacket: One! I just love the maroon color for the Fall. I love this deep red color it’s really gonna pop for your outfit. Two! This is a windbreaker jacket perfect casual piece that you would need for your weekend adventures. Going for a hike and you never know what the weather is like. This has got you covered. Third! The coolest part about this piece is that this is actually reversible! Flip this around and you have another outfit. So let’s see! So, you reverse it and you have a gray jacket. This reversible jacket here is $50. To layer this look I got another t-shirt to keep it under budget. This one is another $10 t-shirt. I picked the gray color because it really matched with really all the pieces I got. I also got these beige jeans. This is similar to the dark denim that I got early in the video and this is just great casual color to wear in the fall and it really matches with this whole outfit perfectly. We are really excited for this “Keeping It 100!” challenge! So, to kick things off right we’re gonna do a $100 gift card. All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section below. Which one of these three outfits is your favorite? And you can enter to win a $100 gift card to Uniqlo! That’s it! Thanks for watching, guys! Hope you guys really enjoyed this video and it’s helpful and you’re ready for the Fall. See you guys!

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88 thoughts on “$100 Uniqlo Shop Haul Challenge | Keeping It 100! | Men’s Fashion

  1. I love the Sharp Casual look, Love the shirts on Uniqlo, the fit is just right compared to other brands plus they are really affordable. That reversible windbreaker is dope as well. #levitatesquad

  2. Really love the gray blazer! But the reversible windbreaker might be my favorite…. might have to get one for my bf before he goes back to rainy Taiwan 🙂

  3. $100 UNIQLO GIFTCARD GIVEAWAY!!! Enter by commenting your favorite outfit from this video (also be sure to share with everyone!)

  4. My favorite outfit from this video would be the ‘Weekend Warrior,’ with the jack turnt to the grey side. I think it gives a casual vibe with the grey side of the jacket, but the beige pants gives the impression that you put some effort into your outfit.

  5. Loved the review bro and the different looks. Definitely feeling the Grey blazer as a staple item for the fall. It would match really well with the Jordan IV Kaws. Thanks for the info. on Uniqlo I'll certainly have to stop by the 5th Ave location soon.

  6. My favorite gotta be the the casual friday. It's versatile and have the best of both worlds with casual and formal. The pants are incredibly comfortable, but still looking formal.

  7. I think the sharp casual is my favorite of the 3. It's great for a lot settings from work to weekend social gatherings. I could also probably mix and match between the different shirts. That slim-fit blazer with the navy jeans really outlines the contours of the body well. I'll probably hit up Uniqlo over the weekend.

  8. I love ALL of these looks, so difficult to choose – probably the casual Friday look just (just) has the edge for me, because those grey trousers are great (great material and great fit), I can see them being a handy wardrobe staple. CJx

  9. This is a hard one it's a toss up .. I'll have to go with Option 1, not a US resident but still wanted to leave my 2 cents anyway 🙂

  10. I love Casual Friday, the navy stripped shirt really accentuates the hues of the denim jacket and the gray pants fits just right. The windbreaker also looks really cool!

  11. Definitely the weekend warrior!! It has its own spice and has the most versatility for the fall weather. That red color also seems like it would go well with jeans, beige chinos, and tracksuit pants 👍🏼👍🏼

  12. Although im a super denim personnn, i would actually go for the first outfit! NEVER WOULD I THINK TO PAIR THE GREY BLAZER like that! 🔥👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾A1 KEEP IT UP!!!

  13. Love the denim jacket, dress pants and striped shirt. Denim jackets and dress pants are perfect all fall and i like the fact the pants are already cut to the ankle. Perfect for a nice sneaker. Great idea, can’t wait to see more vids!

  14. First look – great for walking into the office after a Thursday night going out to drinks without and getting home so exhausted you knock out on your bed with all your clothes AND still wake up LATE but PERFECTLY ready for work the next day no outfit change necessary (shower optional)

  15. Definitely the burgundy reversible jacket outfit with the khaki pants. I personally love reversible clothing because they are so practical! Great job! – @boywithnostyle

  16. Love all three looks- so versatile but i think the ‘casual Friday’ look is my favorite- that denim jacket is the perfect shade for fall! I also tend to gravitate towards darker colors! I also love the windbreaker from the ‘weekend warrior’ look- again the color is 🔥🔥🔥 Love your style man- thanks for the inspiration!

  17. I liked the first outfit the most. It’s really a simple yet stylish fit for different occasions/settings— school, office, party/hangouts even. Plus, each component of the outfit itself is very versatile; you can pair each one with a variety of things. It also hits two birds with one stone as it gives the wearer personality, but it is simultaneously comfy.

  18. Not going to lie I liked a combo of gray blazer with the blue stripped shirt, dark jeans and white kicks. Had to cop that look, just got the delivery confirmation from Uniqlo and my white kicks from Cole Haan just came in.

  19. The first outfit was my most favorite!!! Thank you so much levitate !!! I love that first outfit so much I already wanna buy it!!!! It’s so casual and formal it gives off that sophisticated look like. Serious person but good for dates and hang outs! You know how to keep it real!

  20. Im fascinated by the reversible jacket that can be worn with almost every shirt and pants you purchased. One outfit that stood out was the reversible jacket with the beige jeans and white t shirt, and leather book bag. Classic smart with subtle stylish tones that are accented by the hint of red on the inside of the jacket and the leather of the bag. It’s one of those outfits that look easy to put together but shows that thought was put into the outfit. Look forward to seeing more of these videos. Super helpful in inspiring versatility with different pieces.

  21. I really like all these looks man! They look so effortlessly cool! That windbreaker in the third outfit is really nice, but my favorite outfit overall is definitely the second one.

  22. I honestly can't decide. All 3 looks are so interesting, yet simple and stylish. Plus I always love Uniqlo for their affordable yet quality clothing!

  23. It is Wierd their some of their fabric is that of Lululemon stretch fabric. Comfy. Lulu seems overpriced compared to uniqlo

  24. can you believe Uniqlo marked the Stretch skinny ft jeans down to $1.90?! Of course the y were all out of stock.

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