100 Awesome Product Ideas #2 – Best Tech News You Must See

100, BB-8, App-enabled droid robot. It has an adaptive personality that changes as you play. 99, Boogie Dice, Starts rolling when clapping your hands. 98, Color Changing Towel, Changes its color when it’s warmed up or cooled down. 97, Color Changing Nails, Change their colors based on your body temperature, your mood, or even while you’re holding an ice cold lemonade. 96, Figurines, Shops that create custom 3D printed figures. 95, Salt, CO2-powered air-gun that fires hollow plastic spheres. It causes an intense burning sensation that temporarily blinds anyone and makes him hard to breathe. 94, Linear Liner, Eliminates most of the drive friction by floating through the repulsion forces between two polar identical magnets. 93, Super Mario Maker, Game building tool that allows people to create their own levels of Super Mario Bros and then play them instantly. 92, Fake Pool, When viewed from the deck, the pool appears to be filled with deep, shimmering water. 91, Coca-Cola Freestyle App, Allows you to choose from over 100 drink options to create a custom mix of your own and then pour it on the spot. 90, Meater, Wireless smart meat thermometer, which helps you cook the juiciest steak, chicken, turkey, fish or other meats perfectly every time for every occasion. 89, Rollie Eggmaster, Vertical egg cooking device that surrounds eggs by a 360 degree heat source and cooks them in 2 easy steps. 88, Egg Cracker, Processes 10 kg of eggs in 60 seconds. 87, High Speed Mill, Turns anything into powder, using a motor that spins 30,000 times per minute. 86, Noodle Maker, Makes 1 pound of pasta or noodle with perfect texture in just 15 minutes. 85, Gyoza Machine, Makes up 1,500 gyoza per hour. You can customize the machine to accommodate the size, shape and ingredient quantity of your gyoza. 84, Altwork Station, Allows computer screen and keyboard to physically conform to the needs of humans in the workplace. 83, Rolly Keyboard, Folds up along the four rows to create an easy-to-carry stick. It fits into your pocket as easily as any purse or briefcase. 82, Moky, Invisible touchpad on the Keyboard, which has infrared laser sensors embedded at the corners, telling where your fingers are moving. 81, DisplayCover, Houses an e-ink touchscreen display, handling touch gestures for navigation and accepting stylus input. 80, Phree, Lets you draw on any surface. It can easily connect to any devices with a Bluetooth connection and functions also as a handset. 79, USB Killer Forces PC to shut down and stop working. It dumps -220 volts directly onto the signal lines of the USB interface, damaging any computer with a USB port. 78, WallJax, Wall-mounted wireless charger which is compatible with most phones. Or, you can enable your phone with a wireless charging case or wireless back. 77, Solar Paper, Charges an iPhone 6 in 2.5 hours. It is thin and light. 76, Sonna Choco Banana, Converts your banana into a hollow tube so you can pour in chocolate syrup. 75, Big Mac Roll, Sushi dishes made from McDonald’s hamburger. 74, Watermelon toast, Made from tea powder, strawberry, bamboo charcoal and food dye to create colors in the toast. 73, Thread Stax, Folds and stacks shirts, jeans, pants, and other garments in a neat, impossible-to-disturb stacks, utilizing the power of magnets. 72, LEVIT8, Flat folding portable standing desk, which requires no parts or assembly, quickly transforming any desk into a sit-stand desk. 71, FoldFlat, Food container that folds up flat inside its lid. It is watertight, and microwave and dishwasher safe. 70, GAX, Umbrella with inside out design that prevents you from getting wet while entering or exiting a vehicle. 69, Zeus Handy Tool, Super tough, compact, affordable yet extremely functional toolbox-in-one. 68, Chameleon Pen, Combines alcohol ink and toner and produce multiple color tones and seamlessly blend, going from light to dark as the toner is used up. 67, ShiftWear, Sneakers that give you creative control over the their designs. You can use your smartphones to instantly display the designs on your sneakers. 66, Walking Bicycle, Health-conscious vehicle that provides a pleasurable riding experience to people of all ages. 65, DING Bike Lights, Lights up your path ahead and around your ride at the same time. 64, XKchrome, Allows you to use your phone to shine your motorcycle with millions of vivid colors and animated patterns. 63, Balight, Customizable LED wheel display to light your way with outstanding levels of brightness and image detail richness. 62, SpeedForce, Fully integrated smart cycling computer that combines different cycling products together and comes with an app. 61, Chromecast Audio, Creates a smart speaker system, which allows you to control your speaker from your mobile phone. 60, V-Drums, Free V-Drums software designed for kids. 59, Makey Makey GO, Invention kit that goes with you everywhere. It comes ready to use out of the box with no setup and no installations. Just plug and play. 58, OWOW, New breed of musical instruments. 57, DrumPants, Intuitive way to play music. 56, Kurv Guitar, Stringless digital guitar that allows anyone to learn and play songs using touch, motion and gestures. 55, Seaboard Rise. Rubber-keyed piano that you can physically bend, press, slide and pinch to produce different sounds. 54, Fusion Guitar, Uses iPhone to add digital effects and create sample loops. 53, Aquaglide, Series of water sport products such as trampolines, bouncers, rafts, ski tubes, banana boats, sailboats. 52, Hydro Hammock, Hot bathtub in a hammock, which is durable, portable and equipped with a portable water heater system. Relax and fully stretch out in comfort. 51, ORIGO Boat, Foldable boat which requires no skills to assemble and operate. It takes you less than 15 minutes to assemble. 50, Ferryboat, Made from Hypalon and supports the weight of a car. It can be quickly inflated and launched from just about anywhere. 49, Scubster, Underwater vehicle that has a prop on each side. Each prop can be controlled independently through a lever coupled to a bar. 48, Jet Capsule, Personal watercraft which comprises a full carbon body and photochromic windows. 47, Delicate Adjustment, Consists of a plate that wiggles to absorb the impact of a dropping ball. 46, Origami Bird, Remote controlled flying paper crane, which is capable of keeping itself afloat in the air for five minutes at a time. 45, Zombait, Robotic lure that brings dead fish back to life. It can be inserted through the mouth of most common bait species to make them swim again. 44, Yaskawa Bushido, Robot that swings a sword, integrating agility, accuracy and flexibility. 43, TechUnited, Soccer robots that play fully autonomously. The only interaction with humans is that with the referee, who can start or stop they play when necessary. 42, Cheetah Robot, Runs in the speed of 10 km/h and jumps in 33 cm into the air. It identifies an upcoming obstacle and takes off from the ideal launch point. 41, Rope Bridge Builder, Platform for aerial robotics, which is equipped with a motion capture system. 40, Janken Robot, Rock-paper-scissors robot with a 100% winning rate, which incorporates high-speed tracking technologies and recognizes the shape of a human hand. 39, Reflex Robot, Takes advantage of a human’s split-second reflexes, allowing a humanoid to maintain its balance and complete tasks. 38, Prosthetic Limb, Custom socket for torso and shoulders that supports the prosthetic limbs and also makes the neurological connections with the reinnervated nerves. 37, V4 Pogo Stick, Advanced pogo stick that provides fun forms of full body exercise, especially for muscles like lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and triceps. 36, Bionic Boot, Comes with springs on the back, designed to imitate the Achilles tendon of an ostrich or kangaroo, giving the wearer more down force when running. 35, Scalevo, Electric wheelchair which is able to climb stairs, using two rubber tracks mounted on the bottom of the chair. 34, ogo, Wheelchair that moves in the direction you lean and helps a disabled person to be hands-free and much more independent. 33, WalkCar, Small electric vehicle that fits in a bag. You can operate the device just by bending your body toward the direction you want to move. 32, UNI-CUB, Personal mobility device that features a compact size, a comfortable saddle, an advanced balance control technology, and omni-directional driving wheel system. 31, MOTO POGO, Self balancing motorcycle. Lean forward to speed up, lean back to slow down. 30, Snake Arm Charger, Snake arm that can be fitted with a multitude of different functions at the tip. It can support up to 6 kg of equipment. 29, Tesla Autopilot, Allows a vehicle to steer, manage speed, scan for a parking space, and parallel park on command. 28, Bosch, Sensors that are installed on the ground of each space to check whether or not the space is occupied. 27, mifold, Portable booster seat. Instead of lifting the child up, it holds the seatbelt down. 26, SWINCAR, Tilting 4-wheel-drive spider car. Each wheel has its own electric hub motor and is independently suspended on a spider-like limb. 25, Transparent Trailer, Uses video feeds from the wireless cameras installed around the trailer and transmit them to the rearview mirror, creating a transparent illusion. 24, Safety Truck, Comes with a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck, which is connected to a video wall on the back of the truck. 23, Force Dynamics, Motion platform that tilts and rotates to simulate the experience of being in a car, plane, or any other vehicle. 22, HandScape, Touch controls that are attached to the back of your mobile devices. Your fingers will never block the screen when interacting with the device. 21, MashMe, Transfers your body movements, facial expressions, and voice to an animated character in real-time, using a webcam. 20, MobileFusion, Turns an ordinary mobile phone camera into a real-time 3D scanner without requiring any additional hardware. You can 3D-print-out the scanned data. 19, On The Fly Paper, Allows you to manipulate a projected computer display with the help of an infrared sensor and a specially formatted piece of paper. 18, Touchjet WAVE, Turns your TV into a giant touchscreen tablet which you can control with finger, remote app or stylus. 17, Leap Motion, Allows your hand and finger motions as input, which is similar to a mouse, but requires no hand contact or touching. 16, XRay, Mixed reality game for the headset. 15, Oculus Medium, Allows you to access various sculpting tools and manipulate clay-like material into different sizes, shapes, textures and colors. 14, Live Texturing, Transforms your drawing into a 3D object in real time, so you can actually watch it getting colored on screen. 13, Soli, Gesture radar that uses radio frequency spectrum to track the micro motions of your hands and captures them at the rate of 10,000 frames per second. 12, Skype Translator. Enables real-time translated conversations. 11, Expression Transfer, Video system that lets you control another human’s expressions in real-time. 10, Wallpaper TV, 55-inch OLED display that is barely 1mm wide. 9, VeinViewer, Assists hospital staffs in seeing vasculature deeper, by emitting near-infrared light against hemoglobin and project information in real-time onto the skin. 8, HeartWorks, Virtual heart for trainings. It can be rotated, sliced, broken down into its component structures, and used with a mannequin and ultrasound devices. 7, CARMAT heart, Auto-regulated total artificial heart including right and left ventricles designed to be as close as possible to the human heart. 6, XtremeAir XA41, Allows you to perform an extremely precise control with the help of their mini-wings that rotate through a full 450 degrees in just one second. 5, Zero Gravity, Climbs at a steep angle of 45 degree under full power where you experience 2-G, then the pilot suddenly stops a thrust, which lets you put in the weightlessness. 4, TF-X, Four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing hybrid electric aircraft that will make flying easier and safer than ever before. 3, Jetman Dubai, Jet-engine powered carbon fiber wing strapped to the person’s back, which can reach an average speed of 200 kilometers per hour. 2, Hoverboard, Flying vehicle that has traveled more than 270 meters at a height of five meters, which has been officially confirmed by Guinness as a world record on May 22, 2015. 1, JetPack, Jet turbine powered backpack that is capable of vertical takeoff and landing. It is extremely light and small and can easily be carried around by the pilot.

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100 thoughts on “100 Awesome Product Ideas #2 – Best Tech News You Must See

  1. number 8 reminds me of the surgeon simulator that's also available for a while now. serious stuff, but funny nonetheless when you play around with it 😉

  2. I'm working in a call center and I would give my left arm (well rather my left leg if I think about it lol) if I could operate my screen with touching anything, neither keyboard nor screen. that would really make my life easier.

  3. you should have links to all products in the description. so hard to find this info when watching this on a mobile device.

  4. 4:00 "it fits into your pocket as easily as an any purse or briefcase" – my briefcase doesn't fit into my pocket 🙁

  5. 05:02 how can a device that fries any computer via usb be a great idea. I have images of kids running around frying everyones computers. Can't see the actual use of this device aside from sabotaging someones system. Idiot idea.

  6. I don't think any thing for cars and bikes should have any changing color of design changing should be Allowed,to much of a distraction for all other drivers

  7. fantastic collection of exciting tech products and 100 of them my god this is packed with a lot of products, like the music and pace between the rotation of products as well as the clear demonstration.

  8. This Top 100 is still relevant in 2018. This year for Christmas I used it to get my girlfriend color changing nails and my nephew the Linear Liner, among some other thing you recommended. Thanks a lot for your help, my favorite tech channel!

  9. Excellent content from beginning to end. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information about Best tech news.

  10. These are such cool products! And still cutting edge for 2019! A lot of these would be great gift ideas too. I especially like the ones that can be used at home like the noodle maker (my family makes a lot of fresh pasta!), the coca-cola drinks mixer (so many options!), and the thread stax (can folding laundry be this easy?!). Thanks for sharing!

  11. what caught my attention is that hot tub hammock, only how to fill that thing with hot water when outside is questionable. And that machine that turn anything to powder might be really useful. Spider car and the flying car is cool.

  12. This is a really great video. I love every bit of it. I love learning about new cool innovative products. Its so interesting.

  13. Do they have a app for repairing the rain forests and removing plastics and chemtrails from our environment ! we are killing the planet with this tat ….

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