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10 Ways Tech Revolutionized Fashion Amazing
Advances In Style Technology [0:00:00]
Gents, I’m excited about today’s video. I love science I love history. And, in today’s video ten technological advances
which have transformed the style industry. Are you ready? Let’s get into it. [Music]
Number one on my list, gentlemen modern manufacturing practices. And I know there’s a lot of improvement that
could be made sweatshops, we want to get rid of that stuff. But, when you look at the transformation that’s
happened over the last 300 years, go back 300 years 30% of a family’s time and resources
were spent making clothing by hand. Nowadays, how many — none of us very few
of us makes clothing by hand and we’re talking 3% of our resources basically of our budget
goes into our wardrobe. Some people even less, some people quite a
bit more. But at the end of the day, you’re not spending
30% of your — the money that you make the average family. That is a huge transformation and something
that has afforded us most of the world to actually dress a lot better. Yeah, yeah, maybe it’s harder if you don’t
have much money, you’re going to have to go to thrift stores you’re going to have to look
around for things on sales, but you can actually do that. There was a time period when people were divided
by classes because certain classes could afford to have other people make the clothing, to
make it with certain materials. Now, anyone can look the part of the successful
person, so that you can become — you can get that job as a banker, you can get that
job as a consultant. It’s just amazing and that’s why that’s number
one on my list. Number two on my list, polyester fabrics and
variants of it. Now, I understand 50 years ago, the suits,
the shirts, the trousers, the jackets manufactured from polyester were not very breathable they
felt like plastic and they got a bad rap for good reason. But, nowadays, it is very difficult when you
look at the polyester fabrics coming out of good mills it is amazing especially when they
put together blends. We’re talking suits made from 50/50 basically
or with maybe 30% wool 70% polyester or sometimes vice versa, but these suits are actually of
good quality. I’m not going to say that they’re going to
replace 100% wool or that, you know, polyester cotton mixes are going to replace 100% cotton
shirts. I still love 100% cotton 100% wool. But, the problem with those is they are a
limited resources especially wool is going to drive the price up simply because of the
material. Polyester is cheap and when they can mimic
the actual fibers and they can actually even transform some of them. Actually, I have found some of the blends
have special properties. We’re talking non-iron, we’re talking wicking
moisture. I mean it is really cool what they’re doing
and what they’ve been able to do. But, the number one advantage to you is it
has driven the price down. It has made it so that you can go in and actually
afford a suit that fits and looks good on you and, yeah, maybe it’s a 50/50 blend, but
you will eventually upgrade to 100% wool. And that’s why polyester is number two on
my list. Ding. Ding. Ding, bonus technological advancement. Let’s talk about the belt specifically the
buckle. Now, the buckles has been around for about
five hundred years, has definitely been useful, but you could say in belts it’s kind of outlived
its use because there are certain issues. If you wear a belt consistently, it will actually
with a buckle start to wear on the leather. This one actually is starting to get cracks
in on the leather and it will also deform. Now, the other thing with the buckle, you’ve
got to actually put a hole right in the leather. The issue with this is you only need on average
belt, you’re going to see about five. They are an inch apart, so you can’t adjust
more than an inch. I don’t know about you guys, but I would like
to adjust more than an inch. That’s where the micro adjust system comes
in. So, basically it use — uses a track system
right on here and it can adjust by the quarter inch. There are no holes on the belt as it goes
through. It’s going to hold securely. It’s no holes, very nice look right here. And, again, it’s got that quarter inch adjust,
it is just smooth. Now, this one is made by Anson Belt and Buckle,
one of my favorite companies. I’m linking to them down in the description. They’re the paid sponsor of this video. And for over five years I’ve been working
with these guys for I think over eight years. I’ve known the founders and I love their belts. Now, it’s cool they’ve got this technology
thing, but here is my favorite part about the Anson Belt and Buckle system, it’s interchangeable. Basically you can take the buckles off and
you can match them with any of their belts. So, let’s say you want to match it with — you
want something that’s got a little bit of a pebble on it with a lighter color or maybe
you want to go with something that doesn’t have that pebble design. You want to have fun with red belts, I’ve
got green belts. I’ve got — I have, you know, American — actually
I’m heading to France, so I guess I could say this is my French belt, but you guys know
this is my American belt. And you can get these gift sets. They’ve got all these different buckles that
you can check out. Guys, they are a great deal. And another thing, father-son, it’s a family-run
business they have excellent customer service. And they actually send you things like 50
— over 50 inches, the length of the belt and you just cut it yourself with a pair of
scissors and then you go in there. But, I had one guy tell me, hey, I cut it
a little bit too short, I sent them an e-mail and Frank just sent me an extra belt. I mean you’re not going to get that from a
lot of other companies. [0:05:06]
I’ve met them in person. I — they’re my friends and that’s why I’m
proud to recommend them because they have an amazing product, it’s an amazing company. And, guys use the link down in the description. Go check them out there are so many amazing
products there. Go check it out. Technological advancement number three, rubber
soles. So, we go back to about 1875, we did see rubber
soles starting to pop up on certain shoes. That was when vulcanized rubber and other
types of rubber became more common, but we didn’t see it till the early part of the 20th
century that we started seeing rubber soles pop up. Before that, it was almost all leather soles. Leather soles are beautiful. I love leather soles, but they have no traction,
rubber soles have traction. And by the way, you can take leather soles
you can actually have a strip of rubber going across maybe over a back the heel, that’s
going to be perfectly fine. But rubber soles have just simply prevented
so many men from falling on their backsides and they’re less expensive. So, again we’ve seen the price driven down
in men’s manufacturing because of these new materials brought in. Most of the time, I’m going to go leather
on my dress shoes, but on my boots I love a good rubber sole. Next up, we’ve got the quartz watch and I
know a lot of you automatic watch guys are like, oh, what an abomination. Well, not really because the quartz watch
accurately tells time and it’s incredibly inexpensive. Those two things in of them self make it revolutionary
and make it why it’s so high on my list. Yes, I love automatic watches, but you look
at how painful and how expensive it was to actually get to that point. And I mean we’re talking John Harrison, what
was it like in 1761, he invented the marine chronometer after like 25 years of testing
and getting it exactly right because it was incredibly difficult. If they would have had a quartz watch just
a couple hundred years ago, it would have transformed everything. They’re just reliable. And when it comes down to it, inexpensive. So, again, you notice how price is pretty
important to me because I feel that to be able to get style and clothing out to the
masses is important and that’s what the quartz watch has done. Next up, we’ve got the safety razor and as
the name implies it was safer than the alternative. At the time, all men used straight razors
and straight razors give you an excellent shave, but there are some disadvantages. One, there’s a learning curve. Two, it’s unprotected big blade that’s going
across your skin and can — if you know just something happens, you can really cut and
hurt yourself. This was a big deal a couple hundred years
ago, when they didn’t understand bacteria and infection could actually lead to death. So, understand when the safety razor came
in, this was a big deal because you didn’t have to have the learning curve, you could
more, you know, nonchalantly shave your face maybe even a little bit quicker. You could get a very good shave and it was
a lot safer. So, because of all the lives the safety razor
has probably saved, that’s why it’s up on this list. Number six on my list, I’ve got sunglasses. So, we go back to the 12th century, the Chinese
actually used smoky quartz lenses kind of as an early sunglasses. But, even before then we look at natives that
lived up north, you know, just where there’s a lot of snow, they would use glasses that
had just very little slits open and those who would work fine. But, it was about a hundred years ago that
all of a sudden they started taking glasses and they started putting something with layers
on it that could protect you from the UV rays. This started out of aviation. What they found is that pilots going above
certain altitudes all of a sudden they started having eye problems, they started really serious
eye issues. So, the military said, okay, let’s go ahead
and develop lenses which will better protect them from the basically the harmful rays of
the sun at that higher altitude. From that, we actually saw this go into the
fashion and style industry because we saw these guys in the 1950s, 1960s, these pilots
just looking amazing with these sunglasses on and so it became much more common. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine somebody looking
cool without sunglasses. Next up, I’ve got compression clothing. Now, compression has been used in medicine
since about 400 BC. But in clothing, we saw it started to be adopted
in 1990. That’s when we first started to see compression
clothing hitting the market. And the big thing here was actually in shaping. That was where, you know, Spanx and other
companies like that coming out of women’s wear. But, what athletes started to notice is that
actually it would reduce recovery times and this was a big deal. If you wanted to be able to perform at a higher
level quicker, then you would start using compression clothing. I simply like compression clothing at times
because it’s going to layer better, it’s going to be fit very close to the body. I don’t like it super tight, but I do like
it on socks, it feels really comfortable. And for some people that have really constricted
blood flow, compression clothing can be a lifesaver. Next up, I’ve got elastic and stretch fabrics. And this is different than compression clothing
because this is simply for comfort. So, we go back to about 1958 and we saw basically
spandex and elastane starting to actually be experimented with in clothing. And, for the big guy for the guy that basically
lifts a lot of weight I can tell you that if you buy jeans you buy shirts that have
just a four-way stretch or even a two-way stretch, you know what I’m talking about. [0:10:07]
Because for a lot of these guys, it has been something that they have ripped 100% cotton
clothing which isn’t going to have much grit, but with elastic with something that has maybe
5% spandex and all of a sudden it has a bit of stretch it feels more comfortable. They’re going to reduce hot spots. So, for comfort, I have to give elastic spandex
and some of these other just elastic fabrics the thumbs-up. Next on my list, gentlemen, we’ve got the
zipper. So, before the zipper, pretty much it was
all buttons. And I know some of you guys love your button-fly
jeans and that’s cool, but zippers have made it a lot easier in clothing. What’s interesting though, you go back to
1850, that was actually when the zipper was about first invented, then we get — took
another 40 years to perfect it. But, zippers were initially actually in shoes. It wasn’t until about the 1940s 1950s, you
started seeing them in various types of clothing. Nowadays, you know, it’s hard to find a pair
of trousers that pretty much don’t have a zipper. I even like it whenever I got a sweater on
that it’s got a zipper with buttons over top. It’s just is a bit more secure, it’s very
easy to go up and down. I find if you, you know, for older guys or
for anyone that has arthritis or has issues with being able to basically button things
or maybe you’ve got really large hands, a zipper can be a lifesaver. So, for all those reasons, gents, that’s why
zippers are on this list. Next up, we’ve got recycled fabrics and I
know a lot of you guys are thinking, oh, that’s a modern thing, right? Save the planet go green. Not exactly. Let’s go back to the Napoleonic Wars and what
we saw was a shortage of wool garments. They needed clothing and they needed it fast,
they didn’t have enough wool, so they took all this old clothing and they basically started
chopping it up and they respun it. And it’s kind of a modern thing actually that
we are now recycling because, hey, we want to save the planet and save ourselves. But, when you think about it it is something
that makes a lot of sense. The issue with recycled clothing when you
look at recycled wool you look at recycled cotton, usually with a recycled fiber it’s
much smaller and therefore isn’t going to give you — it’s not going to be as higher
quality. So, if it says virgin wool, understand that’s
not recycled. If it says recycled, obviously it’s been reused. And for certain things it could work out perfectly
fine, but if you’re looking for — you’re paying good – a lot of money for something,
you probably want to go with the virgin wool. High-density thread for stitching, I know
that one doesn’t sound super exciting, but understand that your clothing is held together
by thread. And there was a time maybe just about 50 years
ago when a lot of this thread would simply fall apart. But some of this thread is so tough that you
start to pull on it, you know what I’m talking about and all of a sudden like your — it
gives like your garment gives way before the thread does. When you think about it, how is it they get
something so thin so strong? Well, a lot of threads they’re using just
really — the way that it’s woven together some of them use Kevlar. It is amazing what they’re doing with threads. And because of that, a small little thing
I wanted to put it though on this list. All right, gents, that’s it. Let me know in the comments what did I miss,
what would you have added to this list. And go check out the support article, I’m
linking to it down in the description. Actually, I add a few more other things to
that support article. And go check out Anson Belt and Buckle. So, I wear their belts all the time. If anyone was at my New York meet-up, you’re
at my London meet-up, you’ve met up with me maybe in Chicago or LA where I’ve had events
you’ve been to Menfluential, you have seen I wear and I love these belts. It’s a great company, amazing customer service,
superior products. I’m linking to them down in the description. Go support those guys just a great family-run
business that I’m proud to be associated with. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:13:35] End of Audio

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