10 FASTEST Scarlxrd Verses

Hey guys, CDTVProductions here, and today
we’re gonna be looking at Scarlxrd’s Fastest Verses. Now Scarlxrd is an artist that I have reviewed
in depth before, and my main points were that I think he flows well, but I actually much
preferred his rapping tracks to what he does currently, as distortion and screaming really
don’t appeal to me. However, I know there is a huge market of
people this does appeal to, and I still respect the art behind what he does. Not to mention, he can rap pretty fast on
quite a few occasions. So let’s not waste any more time, this is
CDTVProductions and let’s look at the 10 fastest Scarlxrd Verses of all time. 10 – Breakdxwn (Verse 2) – 6.6 SPS This one is pretty great because it’s just
a pretty fast paced Verse from the second that Scar starts rapping. Not to mention, he’s pretty much just doing
straight up rapping here with no screaming over a more typical rap instrumental, and
I actually really like how he sounds over this. He’s got a pretty short verse, but it’s
potentially one of my favourites from him. 9 – Nx Help (Verse 1) – 7 SPS One thing I will always give Scarlxrd major
props for is his flow, and that’s on showcase for sure on this track. The only major criticism I have of his flow
is his overuse of the ay flow, and yeah it does show up here, but most of the track has
brilliant cadences. No matter how I feel about the sound of certain
tracks, it’s always good to look for positives and I like what Scar does on here. 8 – What’s With Yxu? (Verse 1) – 7 SPS Here we have one of the only songs from Lxrdszn
that made it to this list. It’s a very aggressive track, and one that
I think I might enjoy if it weren’t for the ear rattling bass, but, this track clearly
wasn’t made for a hardcore rap fan such as myself. I really like his intensity on this track,
but it’s not one that I find sonically appealing. 7 – a BRAINDEAD civilisatixn (Verse 1) – 7.2
SPS And here we have the only song to make it
onto this list from Scar’s most recent album, DXXM, which has an album cover that is designed
so nicely. Unfortunately for me, almost every song on
here is very metal influenced, but as I’m sure you know, again, the album was not made
for me. That being said, I really enjoy his flow on
the fast part of this song, it’s constructed really nicely and just goes together very
well. And the crazy thing is that this verse could’ve
been even faster if it wasn’t split up by ad libs. 6 – Gxdfather (Verse 1) – 7.2 SPS This is the first on here from my personal
favourite Scar album, Rxse. As you can imagine this is my favourite because
it’s one of the most rap-focussed albums that he has ever made. It’s weird to me that this one actually
hit the same speed as a BRAINDEAD civilisatixn, because to me this one doesn’t sound nearly
as fast. But I guess it makes sense as he has a much
more consistent flow on this track, and he doesn’t really pause for a breath, so that’s
the reason why it ultimately resulted in a faster verse over a 10 second period. 5 – I Must Be A Psychxpath (Verse 1) – 7.2
SPS And to follow that up, we have another track
from the album Rxse that hits exactly 7.2 SPS at the fastest point. It’s another one that’s just fast because
it has a very consistent flow, and overall I really enjoy this track as a whole. Scar’s British accent really stands out
when he’s rapping, and despite me not being the biggest fan of British rap, I don’t
mind his voice at all on tracks like these. I don’t think we’re ever gonna get a Scarlxrd
album like this again, but I know I personally would love it if we did. 4 – Xffline (Verse 1) – 7.2 SPS If you’re the type of person that likes
bass that is very loud but not overpowering, this could be a track you’ll very much enjoy. The bass is a little bit annoying to me on
this one, because it’s more like it gets in the way instead of providing energy to
the track, but goddamn Scar completely murders it on the fast part here. It’s absolutely fantastic, and it comes
out so clearly. The only reason it’s not faster than the
last 3 we’ve looked at is because the fast segment doesn’t last the whole 10 seconds. If it did, I could really see this being much
higher on this list. Regardless, that part of the song sounds pretty
brilliant. 3 – The Purge (Verse 1) – 7.6 SPS This fast verse reminds me heavily of the
next one we have on this list. This might spoil it a little, but it has the
beat dropping whilst he’s rapping, almost has the exact same rhyme scheme, and ends
with a screamed ad lib. Honestly as a whole, this song sounds very
similar to the next track we have on here, but I guess that’s not too much of an issue. As with most of his recent tracks, it’s
a loud, abrasive, screaming type track, so if that’s your thing and you like the snippet
I played, then you’ll definitely enjoy this. I also have to say I really like the single
artwork for this track, it’s got an unsettling vibe to it which is very suitable for this
song. 2 – Heart Attack (Verse 1) – 8.1 SPS Now this song is impressive to me. As someone who hates distorted beats and screaming,
I actually quite enjoy the first half of this track. It gets a bit too much for me to enjoy during
the second half, but the fact that I enjoy any of it is quite an achievement. It’s probably cause there is actually very
little in the way of screaming in the first verse, and the beat actually carries quite
a lot of energy with it. Not to mention, whilst it’s not the fastest
verse from Scar, this is definitely his smoothest sounding to me. The way the beat drops and isolates his vocals
really puts focus on that part of the song, and it sounds brilliant. I might actually listen to the first half
of this song a bit more now, cause I remember not enjoying it at all at first. 1 – Lxxk Dead (Verse 1) – 8.2 SPS I can confidently say this is just a little
bit more aggressive than the song Look Alive which it remixes. You’ll notice on most of these verses that
Scar regularly breaks up his fast rapping lines with ad libs or finds some way to pause
in between the lines, but here, once he starts, the fast rapping continues strongly for a
good few seconds, and it gives him the fastest verse he has laid down that I could find. It also makes sense that this one is faster
than the last few, as the beat for Look Alive has a higher tempo than songs like Heart Attack,
so Scar naturally has to rap faster to be able to double time it correctly. So there you have it guys, Lxxk Dead Verse
1 is the fastest verse that Scarlxrd has laid down to this day. (Outro)

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100 thoughts on “10 FASTEST Scarlxrd Verses

  1. Wouldn’t berzerk be first? At around 40 or 50 seconds man turns into Eminem

    Edit: just realised this was released before berzerk so nevermind but now berzerk is the fastest verse

  2. listening to scarlxrd takes some getting used to. When i first heard scar back when lxrdszn was pretty new i heard 6 feet on a youtube video. first i didn't like it and found it really unpleasent to say the least, i didn't listen to scarlxrd for a couple of days, at the time i listened to what i guess raplisteners find as hard rap such as xxxtentacion-Look at me. then when i was really in the vibe i put on 6feet and to my suprise it didn't make my head shake. After that i listened to his other songs. And when he dropped bands i started to really like his music. now i can listen to all of his songs whatever mood im in

  3. i can rap pretty fast even though im 12 and i can rap fast over a whole song because my breathing is fucking wierd 1 time i fucking exhaled out of my eye LIKE WHAT THE FUCK?

  4. This would have been great if you could have fought the urge to run your ballwasher the entire time so instead it is bollocks you fucking knob.

  5. Berzerk is pretty fast and scarlxrd is xne xf the cxxlest rappers xut there and INFINITY is a cxxl new album where he raps pretty fluently

  6. bro i thought i was the only one who thought Heart Attack and The Purge have similar vibes, probably why they're some of my favourite scarlxrd songs

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