10 Fast Food Menu Hacks That Will SAVE You Money (Part 2)

Want to get more for your hard-earned cash
when you nosh on fast food? If so, you should check out these clever fast food menu hacks.
The 10 Fast Food Menu Hacks That Will Save You Money (Part 2). Use Fast Food Chain Apps These days, so many people are opting for
fast food delivery or pick-up, via fast food chain apps that offer some exciting hidden
benefits. When you download these apps, you’ll be in line for special deals, and you’ll also
hear about sales as soon as they begin. As you can see, it’s possible to hack a fast
food menu remotely, just by using an app to find amazing deals on everything that you
crave. One example is the Burger King app. It provides users with access to coupons that
are mobile-only, as well as secret deal promotions. Same thing with the Mickey D’s app. The McDonald’s
app offers mobile-only deals, information about sweepstakes, and other exciting extras.
Wendy’s app and KFC’s “Order As You Go” app are other options. These also provide
exclusive offers. These types of apps are useful and all major fast food chains offer
them to customers. If you want the power to save money as you customize your meals, skip
line pick-ups by pre-ordering and pre-paying and get information about fun contests, adding
these apps to your mobile device will be a smart strategy. Order A Fill-Up From KFC Instead Of Buying
Sides If you want to get maximum value from a KFC
order, you should know that opting for a Fill-Up combo meal will be smarter than building a
meal by ordering meal components separately. With A Fill-Up, you’ll spend less than you
would if you ordered sides separately. As you probably already know, the classic Fill-Up
Meal is affordable. It costs just several bucks, and it’s a hearty meal option. There
are so many Fill-Up Meals to choose from and all are the same low price. You may select
a Drumstick & Thigh meal, or a Famous Bowl meal, or opt for Pot Pie, Chicken Tenders
or Chicken Breast. With your Fill-Up, you’ll get a full meal which includes a cookie and
a drink. Some Fill-Ups also come with biscuits. If you wanted to build a meal by choosing a main
and sides, plus a drink and dessert, you’d need to pay more. These Fill-Ups are very
popular because they are an economical choice for customers. They allow customers to enjoy
classic KFC taste without busting their budgets. While sides at this fast food chain are also
affordable, you’re bound to spend more building a meal than you would if you went for the
Fill-Up combo meals. For hungry groups, there is the option of a bigger, group-size Fill-Up,
which is designed to feed four people. Share A Small Fries At Five Guys Five Guys make amazing fries, and they are
amazingly generous with the portions. If you’ve ever ordered small fries at this popular burger
chain, you already know that you get a lot of fries in that paper bag. Most people find
that the serving size is generous enough that they can share their small fries with a friend
and still feel satisfied. If you want to save some cash at Five Guys, consider splitting
a small fries. It’s a good way to trim down the cost of a meal and you may find that even
half an order of fries from this crowd-pleasing fast food joint is equivalent to what you’d
get if you ordered small fries somewhere else. This is a good hack, as the fries offered by this
fast food chain are well worth eating. Five Guys puts a lot of care into their fries.
They have a scientific system in place to ensure top-notch quality in every single batch. First
off, the fries are hand-cut. Five Guys leaders know that most people are able to whip up
tasty burgers at home, but have trouble making perfect french fries in their homes. So, the
team at Five Guys go all out to offer the type of quality that is worth visiting a fast
food chain to find. Potatoes used to make the fries are sourced from Idaho and Five
Guys buys 140 million pounds of them every single year. The potatoes are mostly Burbanks.
Sometimes, the restaurant uses Norkotahs, from Washington, but only when the Idaho spuds
aren’t hard enough to fry effectively. The potatoes are soaked in water after they’re
cut up. A blanching process is used to take away starch. This is done so that the insides
will cook properly, without the outsides burning. The end result is delectable fries with just
the right texture. Order them plain or go for Cajun. Whatever you choose, you’ll find
that a small fries at Five Guys delivers good value for the money. Join Rewards Programs for Freebies Technology is really revolutionizing the fast
food industry and rewards programs are now accessible online or through fast food apps.
Some of these rewards programs are very lucrative for members. They are meant to win customer
loyalty, and they do. One example is the Starbucks Rewards Program. When you become a Starbucks
Reward member, you’ll gather “stars” when you buy Starbucks menu items. Every two stars
equals one dollar. When you use the Rewards program via the Starbucks app, you’ll also
have the chance to get bonus stars, which makes it even easier to rack up enough stars
to get free coffee or other Starbucks fare. Another perk is access to Double Star days,
where twice the typical number of stars are awarded for purchases. If you’re not using
Starbucks Rewards or other, similar fast food apps, you’re missing out on big savings. You’ll
love the way that it feels to score free food and drink just by purchasing stuff that you’d
buy anyway. These apps provide customers with a true VIP experience. Other examples of fast
food rewards programs are the Dairy Queen Fan Club, Burger King Rewards, and Chick-Fil-A
One. McDonald’s is giving Starbucks a run for its money with its McCafé Rewards program,
and this program has a high-tech and low-tech option. To take part, peel stickers from your
McCafé drinks. When you have 7 of these stickers, you’ll be allowed to redeem them for a coffee
that is one hundred percent free. This is the low-tech way to get free coffee from Mickey
D’s. The rewards program for McDonald’s coffee was integrated with the McDonald’s app, so
you can rack up rewards electronically, too. Add Unlimited Veggies To A Subway Salad If you want a heartier meal that’s still really
healthy, make sure to add a lot of veggies to your Subway salad. When you do, you’ll
get more for your money and get lots of nutrients, too. It’s not just Subway subs that are available
with unlimited veggies. The salads are, too, and a lot of people don’t know this. Adding
these healthy and free toppings to a salad will be a perfect way to enjoy an affordable
lunch that does your body good. The Veggie Delite sub is a perfect option for a meatless
meal that doesn’t cost a bundle. Since it has no meat, there will be more room in the
bowl for veggie toppings. People are really embracing the whole plant-based thing these
days. Just look at the way the Beyond Burger is capturing everyone’s imagination. Healthy
salads that are heavy on the veggies are plant-based meal options that offer nutrition without
the meat. Whether you go meatless sometimes or always eat the plant-based way, choosing
a Veggie Delite salad and adding plenty of veggie toppings will be a great way to enjoy
good taste and crunch, without spending a lot of money. Of course, Subway salads are
also available with meat. When you choose a salad with meat, you won’t be able to get
as many free veggie toppings in your bowl, but you’ll access more protein, and some people
put a premium on getting protein with every meal. Turkey Breast and Steak and Cheese salads
are examples of Subway salads that do come with meat protein. Order In-N-Out Animal Style Fries Without
Cheese Celebs are always raving about the wonders
of In-N-Out. Miley Cyrus, Gordon Ramsay and Adele have all sung the praises of this popular
burger joint. If you want to save a little cash when you order at In-N-Out, go for the
fries without the Animal-style cheese. You’ll save a couple of bucks or so. Fast food menus
and prices change sometimes, so how much you’ll save will depend on current menu prices. If
you’ve never tried Animal Fries, we should let you know what they are. They are a secret
menu item that are quite popular, which include cheese, grilled onions and a secret spread.
They are very hearty, but you’ll need to pay extra for those satisfying add-ons. Also,
the cheese and spread will definitely bump up the calorie count. While indulging in secret
menu items is great fun, they are sometimes expensive because they feature a lot of add-ons
that really add up in price. Stick to plain fries to save some money. Your waistline will
thank you. Add-ons, whether they’re from secret menu items or not, help restaurants
to generate big profits. Some people don’t really consider how much their add-ons are
costing, and some add-ons are a lot more expensive than others. Keeping orders simple, rather
than opting for add-ons that boost your final tab, will be a good way to save money on the
cost of fast food. Keep an eye on add-on prices at other fast food joints, too, such as Taco
Bell, which is known for offering a dizzying array of add-ons. Try to choose menu items
that include plenty of ingredients for the base price, or choose the cheaper add-ons
to bulk up your meal. Another option is going for the plainer menu items with fewer ingredients
and just enjoying them, without a bunch of costly add-ons. Go Veggie At Chipotle Chipotle
Mexican Grill is a fast food restaurant that has many loyal customers. Fashion designer
Marc Jacobs actually proposed to his boyfriend at Chipotle, with the help of a flash mob
that danced to the Prince classic, “Kiss”. Marc chose to get down on bended knee at Chipotle
because his boyfriend is a Chipotle devotee. If you want more value from a Chipotle meal,
consider ordering a veggie menu item, because, when you do, you’ll get free guacamole. Order
a preferred bowl or burrito and then request the free guacamole. Most people find that
it’s really easy to get the creamy green add-on for free, although it may not be an absolute
certainty at every Chipotle location. It’s certainly worth a try, as so many people have
done it without a problem. Some people who enjoy meat-free meals just don’t know this
important secret about Chipotle. There are perks to going veggie and one of them is guacamole
that doesn’t cost even a penny extra. If you want some extra hearty substance in your burrito
or bowl, the free guacamole will fit the bill. It’ll taste great and help you to feel more
satisfied. Take A Krispy Kreme Survey It’s just so easy to get a free doughnut from
Krispy Kreme. All that you need to do is buy something at Krispy Kreme and look for the
survey information on your receipt. When you follow the directions and take the survey,
you’ll typically be rewarded with a free doughnut, although perks for completing the survey may
change from time to time. Since Krispy Kreme doughnuts are absolutely irresistible to many
people who have a sweet tooth, this survey secret is a menu hack that everyone should
know about. The survey process may take a few minutes, but it’s not too laborious or
time-consuming. Krispy Kreme wants to learn about you as a customer and will reward you
for sharing your opinions and information. The survey is available online, so it’ll be
easy to complete from your home computer or mobile device. Data is so valuable these
days. Fast food joints want data, just like other companies do. They use the data to learn
about their customers and what they want. It’s part of how they stay successful and
edge out the competition. By giving Krispy Kreme some information, you’ll be rewarded.
Your free doughnut will taste amazing. Free food is always fun to eat. Make Your Meal At Wendy’s If you want a filling meal that’s cheap too,
construct your own Chicken Ceasar Salad at Wendy’s by combining a Caesar Side Salad and
Chicken Nuggets from the Everyday Value Menu. You could also combine a Caesar Side Salad
and the filling from a Grilled Chicken Wrap or Spicy Chicken Wrap. A lot of people save
cash at fast food restaurants by ordering a couple of items from value menus and combining
them into a whole new recipe. Sometimes, combining these separate items creates a hearty meal
that costs less than a ready-made meal with the same types of ingredients. Always experiment
with value menus. Do a little math to see if combining value meal ingredients is cheaper
than buying meals that already feature those ingredients. When you begin adding up the
cost of value menu items, versus the cost of combos or other conventional menu items,
you may find that big savings are available. Plus, it’s kind of fun to hack a menu by creating
your own recipes out of value menu items. It’s a little bit creative, but not hard work. Have it Your Way At Burger King This little trick is so simple and effective.
Instead of buying a bigger drink at Burger King, go for a small drink and access yummy
and thirst-quenching free refills. If there’s a freestyle machine at your local Burger King,
you’ll be able to have fun with the machine while you grab your refills. Burger King
has a value menu, too, like most fast food chains do these days, so you may be able to
hack the value menu by creating new recipes from cheap value menu items. Add Onion Rings
to a Bacon Cheeseburger or combine a Chicken Jr. with a Double Cheeseburger to create a
very another very filling option. Have fun with it and look forward to savings too. Get more bang for your buck by tapping on
another one of our great videos. And for new viewers, don’t forget to swat that subscribe
button and ring that bell to join our notification squad.

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  2. We have FIVE GUYS in Washington state; just never been to one! Wendy's also has some really great food. I miss you Dave Thomas!!!

  3. As a former food food employee for 3 years don't try to be slick and ask for no salt fries. No matter what salt is on them. Just ask for them cook to order. Every time someone asked for no salt fries I would give them old fries for trying to be slick.

  4. They should pass a bill on beverages on fluids where if this(the) fluid(s) is not filled up to this length its illegal. Because who wants a beverage that they paid for that has bearly any fluid in it.

  5. Yeah, they're not being really generous. For $5 you get their medium size fries but you're getting like .50 cent(or less) worth of fries. That's like 3 potatoes, hell I'll be generous and say that's 4 potatoes worth. For $5 bucks you can get 10 pounds of potatoes at your local grocery and I imagine with their bulk buying and all, it's much cheaper.edit: Also it's very damned easy to make fries at home. If you want just basic good tasting fries, you season them how you want put them in the oven. Want to get fancier? Then you'll need a deep fryer or an air fryer or something but the point is it's not hard at all.

  6. Every time I go to Subway" I always order a sub with plenty of veggies. But the person preparing my sandwich gets upset,because I'm forcing them to work harder 😂

  7. Tim Horton’s here in Canada (and some US States) also has a Tim’s rewards card that when you rack up any 7 purchase you get an 8 (selected) purchase item free. It’s great for me cause I has a coffee almost daily so I’ve had a nice few free coffees now

  8. 5 guys makes amazing fries??? They are literally the kind you can fry up at home, just potato and vegetable oil, so why go?

  9. Why do people buy a large drink when eating at a place with free refills? Must be too lazy to get up and get the free fill-up 😜💜💋

  10. "Last thing you want on your burger King burger is somebody else's Foot Fungus"

    Didn't watch the video completely yet, but I feel this is gonna be good. Thanks, BabbleTop, You make good videos, and even heart our comments! Thanks for entertaining all of us(Your subscribers) I can see your subscribers are rising! 80k gang right here

  11. 5:14 *BK rewards only work in the US in 3 cities, right on their website it mentions it:
    PROGRAM DATES: 09/30/19 TO 12/31/19
    it has an end date, but still, can't use it UNLESS in those cities (may expand, or may close, who knows)

  12. Ha! You drop the "French Fries" Sling Blade clip I was thinking about when you started the Five Guys part. OMG! Was that Nick Lachey?

  13. Why order animal fries w no cheese? Defeats the purpose. In n out is already cheap compared to everything else.

    A Big Mac meal in my area is 9.50 plus tax. A double double meal is 7.50, 9 bucks w animal fries. And it’s actually good. (I do love McDonald’s fries though)

  14. Five Guys does indeed have the best fries around and yes it is true that they aren't skimpy when they give you whatever size you choose. I love their Cajun ones.

  15. I stopped at 9:00. Churned my stomach to see 2 guys kissing and tried not to think of fecal matter all over a certain body part. Totally not cool pairing that with food. Disgusting.

  16. Save BK receipt for free whopper, chicken sandwich, or croissantwich. You don't have to do the survey for the coupon codes just look up bk coupon codes for the 12 months which will be two letters then add any five numbers to it. This works at every bk restaurant as the employees aren't gonna check but enter in the register as long as the two letters for the month are right. All you do is buy the small drink and fry and choose what sandwich you want or small coffee and hashbrowns to get the croissantwich.

    When using the BK app screenshot the coupon to use infinitely if your ordering from the drive thru. They just want to hear the right code numbers for what you want and you don't have to worry again about open a digital coupon and it's good for 14 minutes.

    Finally BK hack but better then the idea mentioned for Wendy's as you get even more food and ingredients to make this dish. Order the garden side salad as it comes with 1 or 2 packs of your choice of dressing and a pack of croutons, then combine with a 10 piece order of nuggets since they come with two dipping sauces of your choice. Break nuggets into fork sized pieces and top over the salad and cover with the dressing and dipping sauces. This is even better when spicy nuggets are used.

    Last hack for any restaurant, join the birthday clubs with an email address to print out certificate or coupons for a day of eating for free.

    Enjoy the tips and keep saving money y'all.

  17. Nobody:
    Me: A 5 dollar fill up isn't a hack
    Also me: Adding vegetables to a salad isn't a hack
    Also me: 13 minutes of my life I'll never get back

  18. The best deals I've had were at pizza hut. Not sure if they still do this.
    When I'd get my receipts they had a website and if you took a survey they'd give you a code that took $10 off on orders of $20 or more.
    On Tuesdays they had a special where you could get 2 of their pastas, plus 5 bread sticks for just $10.
    So I'd order 2 of those specials and use the code to take the $10 off the order. In total I'd get 4 pastas and 10 breadsticks for just $10 +tax!
    Then on top of that, I'd get another code with the new receipt!
    I abused this just about every week for a few months there!

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