10 Black Friday Tech Deals — Black Friday Shopping List

– So what are the best
deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for content creators? In this video I share 10 categories to be looking at coming up. (rhythmic music) Hey what’s up guys, Sean
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episode as well as include anything that I forgot. Let’s jump into the video. So Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just great days for saving money on getting gifts for others, but they’re a great time to invest in the gear and equipment for leveling up your content creation equipment. And you know that’s what
THiNK Media TV’s all about. I know that this community is passionate about making YouTube videos, about smartphone accessories and using livestreaming
like Facebook Live, and you know going further faster in media when it comes to photography and content creation in general. And so this is such a great time to be putting together a
strategy for the next year of what kind of gear
will take your content to the next level. And so these 10 categories are really the areas that I go through when thinking about what is
it that I want to upgrade, what is it that I would
like to be looking for for my own content. So category number one is cameras. And the question to ask is
what kind of photos and videos do you wanna be creating the next year. And so maybe you want to start vlogging, so you’re looking for a
point and shoot camera. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a MRLS or a DSLR for taking your video
quality to the next level. You know I’m looking at the G7 X Mark II or the Sony RX100 line. Sometimes it’s not the newest model that really gets discounted, but maybe a few models back is really where you can find the savings. Maybe it’s an action camera, and you want to include
that kind of footage in your content. You know GoPro’s gonna have a couple sales and deals this year. But then also cameras like the YI and I actually have a video on that. It’s a great budget action camera. There’s an HD version. There’s also a 4K version. And so those are some of the areas as you’re putting together your strategy, do you want to level up your camera? Number two is lenses. And the question I like to ask here is what are some of the effects
that I want to be creating in my content. Sometimes a wide angle lens you know gives you a look like this. Maybe you want to do more
kind of B roll footage and more creative footage, so you’re looking for a longer lens like a 70 to 200. Lenses definitely have
great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and actually in every
one of these categories, I’ll put links in the
description to videos I’ve made about lenses, about cameras, just so if you’re doing some researching thinking about you know
what do I really want, you can watch some past THiNK Media videos to kinda put together your shopping list. For the third category is microphones. Do you want to level up your audio? And you know looking out
for shotgun microphones, sometimes companies like Rode, they usually don’t do specials, but on Cyber Monday and Black Friday and Amazon.com, you can find deals on the Rode video mic. And one that I think is definitely good to keep an eye on is the
Blue Snowball microphone, and that’s normally a $50 microphone, but it’s a very killer USB microphone for you know doing Google Hangouts, maybe you’re gonna do some live video, but also for voiceover content. You know USB microphones sound amazing. That’s a super popular mic, and it always goes on special. There’s a lot of different styles to it. And so that’s one to
keep your eyes out for. Category number four is lighting, and especially I see this
in Amazon Lightning Deals, Prime Early Access Deals. Lighting, there’s a ton
of great lighting deals to check out. And consider this that
lighting is actually one of the best investments you can make in your content. A lot of times lighting can make your
videos look a lot better than even a new camera or a better lens. You know videos thrive on good lighting. So maybe you want to
invest in a ring light. Maybe you want to invest
in a lighting kit. I’ve got a couple great videos. I’ll put a playlist to lighting where we talk about some bi-color lighting and some ring lights in the description, and if you can level up
your lighting next year, it will take your content
to a whole nother level. Category number five, this is something that
I always get every year, is just storage. You know first is SD cards, and SD cards just go on so cheap, and I really feel like at times
you can never have enough. One reason why is because
I also like to sometimes have some redundancy going, and so I like to do a project, have it saved on my computer, and I keep it on the SD card until all of the videos are
published and live on YouTube just as kind of a backup right. And so having extra SD
cards is a great thing to be looking for, always killer deals on Black
Friday and Cyber Monday. And then number two would be hard drives. And so some people are saying you know what’s your workflow to
save all your footage? Video gets really big right? And so hard drives just get super slashed prices
on these types of holidays, and storage is getting cheaper
and cheaper and cheaper. So external hard drives are a great thing to be looking for. Category number six is
computers and laptops. And this is one of the biggest things that can speed up your workflow. You know what’s a workflow? Your workflow is how long it takes you to shoot all the way through editing and uploading you know your content. And so a faster laptop
or a faster computer can be a game changer for your content creation. I actually recently just upgraded my video editing PC, just did a video about that. I got it from Computer Upgrade King which is a super cool site. And it’s a custom PC build, but I was like man why
didn’t I do this sooner because everything that I’m doing is going at a lost faster now because I’ve got a faster computer. So if you really want the next year to just be a year of
crazy content creation, really think about ways you
can speed up your workflow and a new Mac or a new PC, depending on whichever you use, is one of the best ways to do that. Category number seven is software. Software is actually one
of the best categories to save money on during
Black Friday and Cyber Monday because usually software
companies have margins so they can really slash the prices. I know that Red Giant does a big savings on color grading software, so you can check out their stuff. One thing that I always look for, if you’re curious you know what’s the best video editing software, or what video editing
software should I start with, I use Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud. But the one I always
recommend is Adobe Elements, whether for Mac or PC, you get the Elements with Photoshop combo. So now you can edit your videos, and then you create thumbnails
and social media content in Photoshop Elements, and that bundle usually gets slashed you know on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. And so any kind of software, plug-ins, software, all that stuff gets heavily discounted, photo editing stuff, Lightroom Looks. There’s a bunch of
different ones that I have you know my eyes on that usually get heavily discounted, and so now’s the time of year definitely to pick up software. Category number eight is drones. And here’s your question, do you wanna start including drone footage in your content next year? And recently just did a
video on the DJI Mavic, killer drone. And there’s gonna be some specials though. I think this year the Phantom 3 Standard is gonna have some really slashed prices. I know Best Buy, but even online, and there’s a lot of
different good drone brands. And I think drone footage
can be a killer way to level up whatever you’re creating. And so drones might be
something you wanna check out. Category number nine would
be smartphone accessories. And if you’ve been hanging
out with THiNK Media TV for very long, you’ve
seen a lot of new videos about smartphone accessories lately. But I think two things, one, one investment actually could be your smartphone itself. I think for content creators, one of the tools we use
more than anything else is this thing, right? And the amount of speed
you have in your smartphone is huge for pumping out content, for doing things now like Facebook Live, Instagram Announced Live, you know YouTube Live, and just so much is being
produced right on our smartphone, as well as the accessories
like microphones, like lenses, like tripods. And all of that stuff gets has killer deals during the holidays. And so check out smartphone accessories, and definitely check out the
smartphone accessories playlist to think about what kind of gear you might want to level up. And category number 10 would
just be accessories in general, but this might be everything else that I haven’t covered yet. So tripods, headphones, and one thing that is also
maybe included in here would be stabilizers. You know there’s a lot of cool
smartphone stabilizers now, things like the DJI Osmo. There’s even some other
brands that are making phone stabilizers and
DSLR you know gimbals really affordable. And so again, start with the question, what is your vision for
your content next year? What level do you want to
take your production value to? What are some of the things
that you want to accomplish? And then be looking for those accessories that will make that possible and taking advantage of the huge savings that are happening right now. Question of the day, what
content creation tools are you shopping for this season to level up your content? Let me know in the comments section below, and remember that actually
some of the best ideas come from you the THiNK
Media TV community. So definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this. And if you haven’t
downloaded the THiNK Media TV Video Gear Buyer’s Guide, it’s actually my guide
of all the best cameras, lighting, microphones, that I recommend for content creators, so you can grab that for free. Link on the YouTube card as well as in the description below. Until next time, THiNK Media TV is helping you
go further faster in media. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon. (beep) Question of the day, what ah (beep) Question of the day, what are oh (beep) Question of the day, what con uh (laughing) – [Camera Person] No improvement. (laughing) – I have no idea what I even want to say. I’m like, I know how it starts, it starts with question of the day. (beep)

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95 thoughts on “10 Black Friday Tech Deals — Black Friday Shopping List

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