10 фактов о кроссовках Xiaomi Xiaoxun Popcorn II Они идеальны

The correct setting of the foot. Ultra light weight. Bright colors and material madly reminding adidasovsky boost. And yes, these sneakers in total go through 224 production stages … Have you heard of these? Not? And xiaomi is already doing them
Tube 186 fly Hello everyone, you have no benefit on the channel, and today I will tell you about if not new, but very popular xiaomi Xiaoxun Popcorn sneakers. And a small spoiler, they are so in demand that you will not find them on Ali. And on DJ and on girbest too. At xiaomi, they are shoveling under the official clean at the production stage. Do you know why? These sneakers are for kids! Where else can you buy a similar for a child, if not in adidas for 6 rubles. And these will come out about 3 thousand. Although you need because, as always, briefly, quickly and capaciously. So now there are 10 facts about not very smart, but at the same time very cool xiaomi Xiaoxun Popcorn sneakers: 1) Security. I met such shoes for only one-year-old babies, they had both ankle protection using a U-shaped insert made of TPU, and the lack of laces, and the presence of a back with a reflective element, and the use of a “breathing” material. 2) Rubber outsole, created from a material supplied by one of the world leaders in the production of rubber, by the French company Michelin. High-quality and anti-sliding French tires, checked by my combat gnome will not slip either in hypermarkets on a slippery floor, or on the playground during the rain. No wonder I took these crosses with me on vacation in Baku. And now we kill them every day. 3) Three kinds of colors, black, turquoise and pink. Which one you like best. 4) Size range from 26 to 35 size. And that means you can even navigate to the second-graders. 218 mm of foot is no longer a garden. 5) Unique sole design. Curved horseshoe-shaped sole, provides reliable fixation of the ankle joint, which will avoid injuries and damage due to the displacement of the center of gravity during an active pastime on the street or the sports field. The toe of the shoe is raised by 35 °, and the heel is raised by 15 °, which corresponds to the ergonomic bending of the children’s foot. At the same time, the elongated sole with a slope under the heel helps the child to maintain balance. 6) Resistance to temperatures. The top of children’s sneakers is made of lacquered perforated two-tone fabric, and the back is equipped with a reflective element, which is visible at a distance of 50 meters. Crosses breathe. And this is quite important in the summer. But at the same time, quite voluminous and with a tight toe they can really be worn even at 10 degrees. In general, the manufacturer claims that the sneakers can be operated without breaking the structure at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees. The front part of the foot of a child has===620 sweat glands per square centimeter, so they sweat a lot more adults. Technology Flyknit in sneakers helps to remove raw air during changes in the position of the foot, maintaining cleanliness and dryness of the foot. 7) Their cost is loyal. If you look in stores in the Russian Federation, it will be about 3100 p. For example, in the rumicom at a discount on the link in the description somewhere and it will turn out. It is clear that if you were in China, they would have cost you only 199 yuan … That is about 2,200 rubles. But the fact that I did not find them on Ali or on sale, of course, it shocked me. 8) Weight sneaker only 170 grams. It’s just like running shoes. I have no idea if this is connected with sneakers and I hope that this is genetics, but in fact my child started to run in them not just faster, but almost correctly, although I had just moved my feet before that. 9) Special design that promotes proper bone growth and supplemented with high-class materials, will take care of the healthy development of the child. 10) You can’t wear these sneakers without a shoulder blade. So everything is tight with them. What is good in principle. So, support the ankle. I want to summarize the fact that I am incredibly pleased with these crosses. And the fact that a son runs when he dresses to them, and not to his nikes, I think it is significant. And here are a few words from him about these sneakers. ,,,,,, Thanks for watching. Subscribe to the channel for like, subscription and koment every two weeks contests. There are still a lot of gadgets in the drawing – conditions for participation in the video description. The following review on a safe backpack. I have long wanted him myself. Acquired and yuzayu more than a month. Insanely positive impressions. Stream every Sunday at 19.00 reviews three times a week. A device, yes or no, no good will give an answer! Good luck and good luck to you friends.

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60 thoughts on “10 фактов о кроссовках Xiaomi Xiaoxun Popcorn II Они идеальны

  1. Вот такая обува для моего боевого гнома))) У кого какие вопросы – пишем!) Участвуем в розыгрышах! Приходим на стримы в воскресенье! Добавляйтесь в ВК, ФБ и телегу!) Всем буду очень рад!!! Спасибо за просмотр!

  2. крутые ролики делаешь, жаль у меня нога выросла)

  3. Попкорн хех 😅 , спасибо за обзор ) кстати хотел узнать что насчёт новых ушей от редми которые за 15$ ( если найти такую цену а то они везде дороже ) и havit i93 , заказывали , очень хочется увидеть на данные ушки обзор )

  4. Жаль что только для детей.
    Интересно будут ли модели с "бустом" для взрослых

  5. Румиком это официальный магазин сяоми или просто фирменный?

  6. Сразу видно, какой довольный сынишка у вас! А почему бы нет, бегает в таких удобных кроссовках 🙂

  7. Крутые! Смотрю своей подвижной доче светящиеся skechers, уши прожужжала, но эти как вариант.

  8. Если вы в них наступите в гавно выковыривать будите долго.

  9. Вы не в курсе? Вроде как с какими-то модификациями адиковского буста были проблемы – слишком быстрый износ.
    На детских понятно, такой проблемы не будет. Нагрузка то совсем маленькая. А вот если взрослый под сто кило…

  10. Огонь, главное не травмирует неправильной колодкой, а поддерживает и защищает. Продуманы углы, носка и пятки,для реактивных детишек. В общем супер!

  11. Видно что боевой гном очень доволен 😉👍,для родителей находка будет, без шнурков это вообще класс, детей не обманешь 😉,коротко и информативно,что тут ещё сказать!!!
    P. S. Спасибо за твой контент!!!
    Скоро Xiaomi будут везде 😅

  12. Да, не зря в Китае ребенка называют — маленький император… Всё для детей

  13. Блииин! У самого мелкого 36-ой размер и пара новых кроссов из спортмастера.

  14. Xiaomi Mijia легкие детские кроссовки с высокой эластичной подошвой из ЭВА, дышащие нескользящие спортивные туфли, детская обувь. Что думаете про данную обувь?

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