#1 ANNOYING DECK ON RANKED – MTG Arena Ravnica Allegiance – Budget Mono Red Aggro RDW

How to reach Mythic in MTG Arena yes Looks good! oh nice Face! Definitely face! [telephone talk] Hello my name is Emma and today we are
back with some more Magic the Gathering Arena. Thumbs up will let me know in the
comments below if you liked that little skit at the start I’d love to uh do more
of those but depends on if you guys like them or not. As the skit would have
suggested today we are checking out a RDW or Mono Red Aggro whatever you want to call it – deck! Ever since Ravnica Allegiance came out this deck has been
pretty rampant in ranked. Like when there’s a meta switch up it’s always
easy to just go with what works I think So I thought why not have a go at the deck
that everyone is playing. In traditional RDW
fashion I’ve just straight net deck this I wanted to go with this one because it
featured two of the new cards that being Skewer the Critics and where are you
Light Up The Stage so both of them I think fit really nicely in this deck
like skewer the critics pretty similar to with this lightning where you can get
one cost for three damage which is pretty nice if you meet the spectacle
and line up the stage is essentially you getting to play and draw like two extra
cards then you can hopefully draw some burn spells and go straight to face just
want to say by the way even though I’m kind of making a jerk out of this today
I don’t think there’s any knock or anything bad about playing audio W
mainly on arena because it is such a cheap deck to build especially if you’re
afraid to play player like man go ahead this is cheap and you get some wins or
why not in my opinion but let’s give this a spin and ranked let’s you know
know our enemy and play the deck ourselves if you knew this channeling
you want to see some more videos make sure you hit the subscribe button to be
notified when I upload and again if you enjoyed the skit would appreciate a
thumbs up on the video without further ado let’s jump into some ranked games
double chain will are not complaining will probably keep this we’ve got the
one two three drop with our monitor so hopefully we can get some really fast
damage in here for a second I thought that said friends hurt Fresno and I’m
sorry most likely you will never see what I’m
saying but yeah not the friendzone our parent has to Morgan down with
I know why Elvis coming down there um may be ramping towards something we’re
going to definitely attack you on the off chance they want to block with the
elf they will probably will not getting that quick damage in and then if they
are still alive when we get the chain will are out then um if you didn’t draw
any land that wouldn’t be good chain well um but you did take that damage
there to down might as well Chuck down the via she no that’s just gonna die sir really no use
attacking there we could lightning strike the branch Walker we really
wanted to damn hoping they gonna land there come
into my turn look even though the branch hawkers
aren’t gonna die I still think it is always best to chuck in your chain
roller and then we can Chuck we can attack without firebrand definitely I
actually will attack with both our creatures to see if we can take out
these branch walkers here two attacks they made put one all right we’ve got
some destroying cards so they might once they get another black mana they might
come after our chain willow I didn’t know that worried about that though I
mean they do have to but they’re gonna have to do that over two turns I
actually feel like I’m gonna chain well again we’re gonna kill them anyway next
next smash smash smash hopefully go into the face but I can see some blocks maybe
coming off now right all right they’re going down to six they get that black
mana they’ll gain two life but I don’t know if that was a but where they
weren’t and that is the W at its finest just quick in hitting in the face and
going for it all right we’ve got love runner no more creatures but I’m gonna
risk it here maybe we can do that and then maybe a light up the stage might
let us draw in two more creatures get that Oh mate love runner out my
beautiful wizard friend never lets me down that love runner oh maybe some
sumak all right we’ve got the two minor out I mean no real point heating out the
lightning strike yet we’re just gonna all attack to take the cheeky one damage
to the face again no really use doing skewer the
critics boys hope you inversing like merfolk or something fun like that not
salt i alright my turn again oh that’s alright next next all attack we’re gonna light up the stage alright definitely playing that out and
definitely getting out via Shino out and we can repeat that next turn if we
really want to depending on what our permanent place now they might hit out
something that needs to be lightning strike – all love a coiled so see what
comes out here playing against some guild gates
all right they’re gaining some life they’re still not drawing any land all
right we’re gonna attack first just leave some options here
I feel like a lot up the stage is gonna be good if we don’t get anything good we
can just put out a voice she know that’s definitely what we want to point out
here double chain well pretty nice well good only gonna have enough mana to play
one but we’re definitely gonna get out one pretty dangerous here with the gates
of blazed they may chuck it out you know up there it is to take out our board
state you know pretty good getting in mountain there yep definitely good to
the Train well now not gonna use the skewer the critics I’m
just gonna hold in case we need it for something that is a bloody powerful card
do we have more than two we sure do all right well definitely gonna put this guy
out just cuz you’ll have some haste gonna
all attack here unless ponents gonna put something out the growth spiral it’s
fine with me we’ll attack to attack is no way I can
win here you can i hmm I mean they might have that life gain angel so I am gonna
risk factor I mean they might just take four off the bat I wouldn’t recommend
them to but this would hopefully draw us in to win the game nope they’re going to
go down they may gates ablaze again which is fine cuz we still do actually
oh yeah we do have enough mana to take them out if we really want to this deck
doesn’t traditionally run any counters so unless they’re gaining some life here
I’m pretty optimistic we can take the win that life game angel I’m pretty sure
is six mana if I’m not mistaken all right what’s coming out here the moment
of truth all right guild summit they’re gonna go
for some card draw here I mean just on creature value if they don’t play
anything they know that I’m gonna up tapping on their lands wilderness
reclamation and Nexus of fate all right then
Chucky Nina Chiqui next is a fade on me all right let’s put the gate breaker RAM
out okay I think we just go for the wind like this right there we go you’re them
and cheeky nexus of fate Maine we don’t really creature heavy but
we do have light up the stage here so we’re gonna keep this one that makes
with the lava runner hopefully we can get that off ASAP Jay the ice cube is uh
Mulligan endowment apply a one Mountain then we are gonna play a one love runner
what are we up against Lou sirens Dante Emma okay all right we’re gonna play
another mountain then we’re going to swing it
hopefully that block doesn’t come off I don’t think it would next and then we’re
going to beautifully light up the stage we can get some more pods here hmm
do I wanna cheeky shock kind of thing I do why not let’s rock the face you know
you should kill the creatures but you know we playing already w wiggling
straight to face so let’s get straight to face what’s hoping we’d get another
mana there we are running with twenty lens which is very lower but we Cove out
at Fremont uh sir we only need a little bit of mana to out get going nutso next
mano which is very nice for us um I feel like I don’t like wasting these Cod’s so
I feel like I’m gonna lightning strike I mean again I don’t really need to take
that guy out not yet anyway I mean they may have a
counter here if they really wanted to play one wouldn’t be that foster that
counter this quick here we can just alike
alright next next ole attack a DW players best friend the trickster is
coming out you know resolve that so loses all abilities okay I mean is our
only creature I know I’m going going hard on killing that I mean Lee could
have used that for face but it also still keeps our other wizards lightning
active and gives us an avenue to light up the stage without having to use our
lightning strike which is why I’ve made that decision I don’t know if that’s
correct but that was my thinking behind it what are we gonna see from Jay nothing alright well I mean we may see
another merfolk come out here blue deck three mana open I mean I’m
gonna vanish oh you know first before a lot of the stage in case I want to
counter this which they may yep there’s a sinister sabotage come off and then
just that does open us up to lie upstage us so we can have some options next turn
spectacle what a wonderful card what a terrible
terrible all right we’re gonna end out ton really hoping we get something good
tempest gin coming out that’s gonna be a fourth or is it yep not really good on
the with its lightning there I’m gonna take another one damage here which is
totally fine there you need to activate that counter I am definitely you have to
chain well here it’s gonna take out Oh mate and then we can also wizards
lightning again that’s a big knock to them hopefully that if they don’t have
another gin that should be our sort of turn back into the game here
goblin chain Walla is just such a powerhouse card and they’re probably
looking at ways that they can remove this right now
we do only have one more card in our hand well hopefully one in the next turn
we draw like a risk factor or something would be nice
gonna put out the fire Shino first just in case I have some sort of counter they
probably do I mean they might have the other like
one of the my folks come out to block this blink of an eye there’s no way
we’re winning here no turn anyway too awfully thoughts we’re gonna put back
down the chain roller hopefully that should be our winning move with our
lightning strike there to our take this guy out try to cross all right they’re
trying to draw some cards to see if they’ve got any answers for us here but
I think IDW is coming through with this win here I’m just wanting them to spend
their mana alright that’s fine I mean that’s still gonna take him out
there we go good game JP IceCube alright that was the on DW straight nick deck
deck there and how it works on rang again all you want to do is just bash
out your cards go face and it’s usually it quick just win or lose which is why I
think a lot of people in a play it so that you can like try to rank up faster
thanks for watching everyone again if you are new here and you want to see
more videos make sure you click the subscribe button and if you liked this
video give it a thumbs up let me know in the comments below if you want me to
play any different decks or you have any thoughts about this deck in general
would love to hear it and chat to you guys more about magic that’s it thanks
for watching and I’ll see ya soon fight

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28 thoughts on “#1 ANNOYING DECK ON RANKED – MTG Arena Ravnica Allegiance – Budget Mono Red Aggro RDW

  1. Thanks for watching, everyone 🙂 Do you think this is the most annoying deck? IF you enjoyed, you can subscribe by pushing the button on my channel or clicking here: http://bit.ly/2zuGC6a

    Really appreciate all the support on this channel over the past few weeks 😀

  2. very good intro to the video i definitely think you should do that more often (and in my opinion it is the most annoying deck so far) very nice commentator skills on display by you all together. just curious about something why do you ask for likes then cut the rating system off it seems kind of counter productive , either way great video

  3. Most annoying? Brainless rather. I like how you made fun of it in the intro. And I say that even though I like red a lot. Like it doesn't even make any difference what choices you make when you play the deck, it's just too easy to win. Good design wizards.

  4. Hi. Funny intro, for sure keep doing more of those are great. And yes, this is the most annoying deck in Arena right now, and not because of how it works but because eveyone is playing this, it is taking the fun away of Arena. Plus you needs 0% of skill to have wins with this.

    The other thing that I can't stand is all those comments about baning Teferi and Nexus, that came from most of these f2p that the only thing they can do is throwing bolts.

  5. True story: your video about Mono-Red Steamkin last year was what convinced me to go with that as my first deck to build in December after I started playing Arena. 😀 Now I play everything BUT mono-red (unless it's something like janky goblin tribal in the casual queue) and shake my fist like an old man at [[Skewer the Critics]]. It all comes full circle!

  6. Yeah, the deck is terrible. It's what's wrong with standard mtg right now. I hate myself for playing it on Arena just to grind some daily wins & rank up. It inspires me to find decks that I can build and play IRL to beat that deck when I play at my local game store.

    Intro skit was cute. Good to keep that part short, of course.

  7. Red Deck wins. Winning games since lightningball was first printed. 17Lands. Spells only to the face. But bolt the bird

  8. I like the video, great idea! I have almost the same deck but I run it with cavalcade of calamities. Btw Emma, are you Australian?

  9. So this deck is actual trash tho. You faced an explore walker deck in this video and won, 8 times out of 10 this deck loses to that one

  10. Why are people surprised when mono red has a strong early game? This is literally what red always does. Remember hazoret ? Remember young pyro? It's not like lava spike , lightning bolt, or lightning helix are in standard… jesus red hate needs to chill. If you lose to it deck build better. Dont net deck and complain when you lose.

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