🎙️ Teaser: EEs Talk Tech Electrical Engineering Podcast Season 2!

Hi, I’m Daniel Bogdanoff and to date there
are 37 episodes of EEs talk tech, well, 38 if you include the quick interview we
did with the astronaut but it’s been over six months without a new episode so
you’re probably thinking, “come on Daniel get your act together!”
First off that’s a little harsh, but fair. I won’t hold it against you.
Second since Mike and I started this podcast in 2017 I’ve had at least four
different jobs at keysight and this podcast hasn’t really been a part of any
of them. It’s more of a passion project inspired by over the cubicle wall
conversations about tomorrow’s technologies – and if you’ve been with us
for a while you know that our publishing schedule has been about as regular as a zapped 555 timer, but it’s been a blast sometimes literally like the rocket
launch coverage from episode 29 or the interview with the BattleBots
winner in episode 27. We’ve also covered ADC development, quantum computing power
integrity, radar, technologies so new we legally weren’t allowed to say their
name and a full suite of high-speed digital technologies like USB type-c
ddr5 PCIe 4.0 and we are not done Technology never stops and neither will
we EEs Talk Tech season 2 is coming soon and
it is shaping up to be a banger. coming November 21st are eight episodes in eight
weeks covering topics like 5G the recently announced USB4 spec and
more quantum computing as well as some interviews with Jay Alexander are
heavily patented CTO, and the king of electrical shock hazards and master of
the universe, er, unibrow mr. electro boom himself. We might even do some editing
this season and Mike even wears a different shirt! Gone are the days of
wondering when the next episode is coming out gone is my sense of guilt as
the episode-less weeks roll by. Season 2 drops November 21st
Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts or watch the video versions over
on the keysight podcast youtube channel

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