【NEW London Mulligan Rule】▷ Modern TURN 0 Dredge Deck! ◁ MTG

the New London Morgan rule has come to
magic online and speaking of calm I have birthed this deck here and it is muy
Grande and in case you’ve forgotten what dredge does let’s look at stinkweed imp
if stinkweed imp is in our graveyard instead of drawing a card we can mill
the top five cards of our library and put stinkweed imp in hand and ideally
we’ll hit prized amalgam prized amalgam says when one of our creatures enters
the battlefield from graveyard rise amalgam comes along with it so if blood
gases in graveyard and we play ole and blow gas will come back and I’ll bring
along prized amalgam likewise you have the jellyfish here when it’s dredge from
the top of our library it comes into play and it brings along the prized
amalgam that’s dredged in a nut shell but here’s where I blow your mind the
deck has four powders and powder says if it’s in our opening hand and we want a
mulligan we exile our hand and take a free
Mulligan not only our Mulligan is super important in a dread Shack because we
need to get dredged cards in the graveyard as soon as possible but
because powder is exiling cards from our hand we can combo it with pull from
eternity whole from eternity puts a card from exile into graveyard so let’s say
we exile stinkweed imp with powder we can use pull from eternity to put
stinkweed imp into graveyard and the next time we draw we can dredge 5
instead but that’s not the part that blows your mind the part that bows your
mind is this when we’re on the draw and jump some caverns in our opening hand we
can exile card and put it into play on our opponent’s turn so on our opponents
first turn before they do anything we can use caverns to exile stinkweed em
and sense pull from eternity is an instant we can send the exiled imp
directly to graveyard which means on our very first turn we’ll be dredging 5
pretty crazy when you think about it because in an ideal situation with
dredge 5 we can hit 4 amalgams and a jellyfish which means on turn 1 we have
13 power on the board and since we’re casting pull from attorney before
opponent plays any lands they can’t counter it they can’t discard it they
just gotta let it happen and dredge 5 on turn 0 is pretty good but that is not
all that makes this dredge deck unique because we’re playing caverns on our
opponents turn by the time it swings back to our first turn we will be able
to play another land in fire cathartic reunion it is arguably the best card in
any dredge deck because it allows us to discard 2 and then draw so let’s say we
have two imps enhance we discard the imps and then we draw but instead of
drawing we dredge 5 at dredge 5 and for the third draw we’ll likely be able to
dredge as well like maybe go Gauri witch can dredge 4 so with cathartic alone
we’re dredging up to 15 cards and if we got the caverns combo off on turn 0 or
looking dredge 20 by turn one and with dredge 20 we can do a lot not just the
amalgam so we also have creeping chill when it hits the graveyard our opponent
loses 3 life and we gain 3 life and then there’s also can flog a lot or two
we can discard ex cards and deal X damage divided however we choose and of
course we have for faithless leads in the duck as well as dark blasts like
pull from eternity dark glasses an instant’s so we can turn zero caverns if
our pump plays a creature we can fire dark glass turn zero and dredge three on
our first turn in addition to the caverns for lands we have to deck more
Salvage which has dredge two so if Blood gas is in the graveyard we can dredge
the land to get in hand and play it for blood gas but now on the sideboard
because we’re basically a red white deck we have four fragment eyes to take out
artifacts and enchantment and it can even take out ley lines and then we have
two so nice islands it hurt strong affinity and it stopped key graver heat
cards like relic representatives and there’s four lay on the voids throne
were up against graver deck for lightning axe which is really good
because it’s an instant and it lets us discard a card and obviously it works
really well with cavern and lastly we have vengeful pharaoh when it’s in
graveyard and a creature deals damage to us we can destroy that creature and put
pharaoh on top of our deck and there we have it i am excited to see how the SEC
does so let’s get to the gameplay but first if you haven’t subscribed please
do because subscribing helps me figure out what people want to see but without
further ado here’s the gameplay and I hope you enjoy it
clench them butt cheeks my children cuz watch this caverns exiling thug and then
sending thug the graveyard how confused must our opponent be amazing amazing
they play land pass back such a ways to turn unlike us look at this progress see
creeping shells and turn on the joy and now we go faithless looting and now I
have a tough decision here normally had place these two in graveyard but if you
want to be extra kinky we can put out two blood gas this turn but then we’re
out dredge stuff in graveyard but if we can hit one more read and land we can
dump our hand so I say blood gas boom badoom not too bad for turn one if I do
say so myself what shall they do now Oh collective brutality to drain us for two
oh sure okay and back in our turn swing for four and then play another Blood gas
and pass back on it goes faithless looting Oh seguro deck No
we might be in trouble now wait a minute that’s it’s too good to be true
let’s hope there’s hope and swaying over six and I keep their faith is looting or
player prizes in Malcolm I say surprising Malcolm although we lose our
lands so it can flog allies out and I’m back for comment and our punt do it oh
we might be in trouble again on his r7 but wait wait is that it there is still
hope we have survived two goryeo’s we can get this done kind of goes to three
throw that out and pass back wait we concede oh yes there it is the power of
two blood gas by turned one that really didn’t feel like dredge I kind of felt
like winging it but hooray for winging it go one in the game – I’m not gonna
bring in any artifact hate and said I’m just gonna go for layline something this
summit that was a good game – opening hands kind of matte but we have lay
lines so we’ll keep throwing out this and then
exhaling this a good foundry okay well Knoll and let’s go it’s looting
something needs to play along possbile disease you know that’s a pretty good
card alright but now he’s stinkweed and there’s a blood gas in there so Playland
get back blood gas and amalgam at the end of turn and then we shall take this
looting jingle gari go gari dumping these two and then back
to our poem wanna go skate the sleeping and then prism sure back and our turns
stinkweed hit a creeping chill and fire fatal sleuthing going dredged roads I’m
dumb and then land look at all those blood gas and me shouts doing four five
they get it twelve back to them pray there’s no chemical I’m ghost faithless
looting that untap of does it’s madness oh my gosh
Hobbes a dot is a very interesting card it comes into play it drains us but I
think it’s exile with the end of turn interesting interesting
what a clever card oh no they didn’t do it ah I was expecting the Exile and we
used pull from eternity on it that’s disappointing but it looks like we got
our opponent because we’re going to swing in for a nut load they jump there
go to one but guess what on flock Allah and our poet concedes the match I am
very satisfied with that one the only disappointment was this thing it should
have been exiled and we should be able to throw it into graveyard other than
that it made me very happy and pondside unfortunately i suspect’s will probably
be the high point because grizzly BrandX tend to have less graveyard hate than
most decks so we kind of off the hook there but we shall see because now on to
the next one opening hand we can turn one stinkweed even though he can’t use
that it’s fine I’ll keep it sometimes beggars can’t be choosers
tax proof let us try it out speed them faith is looting dump this and this and
then back troponin a number of boon on its wings for three the Mackinac return
sink read I’m hitting creeping chill then we shall cathartic reunion
something dot and not give me something good boom get to amalgam so I guess
we’re looking all right also to can flock allows and graveyard yield damage
yeah as okay as long as I don’t life game or spirit dancer sure you can
spirit dance your way to help think we briefing chill and then we shall go
bland for blood gas they’re going amalgam and then it’s time for come
flocking law to therefore there and then swing with everything blocks like that
sure but the amalgam at the end of Turner will bring it back all that is
fine fine indeed I go to five back to them one amalgam comes back and the
other one will come back at the end of their turn rank or they pass back and
look at that so cool and there’s the concede they wouldn’t even let us look
at her draw go on the game to dump all this to put in all this and what that
we’re on the game to this hand this pleases me we shall mole this is the
definition of muy grande bottom this way this exile this Vogel not good enough is
it not good enough indeed what shall we do now they didn’t expect the turn 0
dredge card stinkweed in graveyard ok but for now we pass boo that’s is dirty
and it’s a boys that play dirty must be punished
we shall fragment ours and now we might be in a bind here our graveyard has been
fondled hunt plays ethereal armor wings for to you go to 17 back on our turn
that’s not what I wanted to see in the meantime though we shall play stinkweed
they won’t be able to damage that hoe but there at least when get into
graveyard hmm life link hurts my butthole oh that also hurts my butthole
he may have been out fondled this game but we shall rise again in more ways
than one I believe it is too late even with the M so game 3 it is gone the game
3 since we’ll be on the play I’m gonna dump these three things for these three
things and with that we’re going to game 3 opening hand is not good enough we
shall powder still not good enough powder little not good enough I don’t
want to mill ourselves out so it’s gonna mold instead of powdering this this can
work awesome can floor be long and now we go faithless living with these to be
enough to get us the wind they mold the 5 so they might have a good card in hand
if they’re willing to go down that low I just wanna get these in a last Inc we
didn’t could be big almost as big as Shaq’s penis do we play it safe or do we
go big we go big back to our opponent that
plays the Bogle on and be kind to us okay okay keeping chill but now we’re
kind of in trouble we hit neither a jellyfish nor blood gas and that is a
problem but at this point we have no choice pass back there might be a rest
in peace here Francoeur hyena Umbra going for four and back in our turn go
gari oh look at that I bet they didn’t expect that three in a row and to make
things kinkier let’s go faithless looting not as kinky as I would like but
perhaps as kinky enough now back to our opponent where they await their fate
another hyena Umbra and attack we do we shall take the five the five will be
nothing compared to the damage we will do beeping chill swing for the nut load
path exile okay and then end the turn let’s go stinkweed and back to them they
fetch down the four they’re desperate they know we have too much big-dick
energy draw card Francoeur but that ain’t good enough nowhere near good
enough but what could they have done up against such greatness
we must applaud their effort in the last match I said that was a high point
because we wouldn’t get lucky again but guess what we got lucky again
not enough graveyard heat from our opponent but can we keep this up we must
keep playing to find out so on to the next match our opening hand does not
meet my expectations so we shall powder and this very much meets an surpasses my
expectations put that into play exiling this before opponent even knows what hit
them hole from eternity we so dirty OS burned all those creeping chills it’s
going so well they must hold back my happiness on its wings for to land I so
you know it’s really nice before we draw a tower up key ball from eternity on
prize amalgam that is extra dirty think we’d know if we whipped there’s nothing
here it could have been a blood gas coulda been a jellyfish this suspense
builds up for nothing but it is not over I mean there’s no dredged cards in our
graveyard so it’s kind of over a little bit but we may have lost the battle but
they will win the war or something like that the Goblin guy little an and a pull
from eternity that will actually help us a little bit as much as I would like
though you pull from eternity put blood gas in graveyard get back this turn Thea
Malcolm but doesn’t feel good enough so I guess instead we’ll go faithless
looting I’m paying amalgam and em and then back to our opponent isn’t quite a
troublesome battle this game creeping chill on top yes back on our turn
stinkweed to creeping chills that is muy Grande and this won’t be the most
impressive move but we can pull for an eternity on the blood gas like this land
keeping it we’ll get back to amalgams tap playing amp discourage them from
attacking and then act for opponent I only hit their second
land after quitting hard the first few turn searing blaze on the imp okay so
our butt cheeks will be spread a little bit got a sick stinkweed and we hit
creeping chill no no this displeases me with three cars in hand they probably
have the double bolts so unfortunate all right my cheeks have been spread come to
Daddy were full suspended and they pass back interesting the cheeks were spread
for nothing and it look a creeping chill mm-hmm you know what they say when a man
spreads his cheeks it’s best to seize the opportunity but perhaps the cheeks
have been closed we shall put the pressure on them swing
in for lethal they’ll be forced to block locks like this interesting holds us
down the six I say you play stinkweed implant apple a gas comes back bringing
the amalgam to the intern tapped I’ll have two blockers will that be enough
there’s a rift bolt’ it will need a bolt to finish us and
they do it it seems they have they win this one
but it’s not over it has only just begun going on the game – I’m gonna get rid of
all this but in all this and what that was go to game – opening hand not good
enough mole this could work we shall keep on Macari start with looting dragon
ties nice you said I’m a thug and amalgam and now back to palm lava man
sir okay back in our turn dredge four and this can flog a lot and flog a lot
will do it’s going to dealing one there one there and back to our opponent goes
idle on shirt and then go gari look at that three of them how does that happen
so consistently and do we fragment eyes that it might actually work in our favor
we shall pass back on swings in / – no block as my mama always says if you’re
gonna queef you better cleave hard and that wasn’t hard enough keeping chill in
graveyard skull crack fair enough fair enough
now we shall swing in play the lane get back blood gas and back to our opponent
I think both at us okay but they can only play two more spells before this
kills them on swings for two I accept these conditions light up the stage but
it can’t play anything and there’s the concede how very interesting
going in the game three we’re gonna play things risky here I’m bringing back
three pull from attorneys and dumping to fragment sizes in a land I figure if
there’s a rest in peace’ we’re kind of screwed anyway four on the draw so I
figured might as well risk getting try and get under the rest in peace so that
we’re going to Game three opening hand is all right nothing special we can turn
one cathartic with the cavern that will do a Verne’s exiling though
I’ll have an answer but they mold is sick so we have to expect the rest in
peace okay now let’s go cathartic opening nut and the magic guys please be
kind to us edge five right five rich for what wait no no no
creeping chills oh okay dr. Bowman oh it stings for one passes backs and no rest
in peace and back in our turn go Gary there is keeping chilly one day a skull
crash yes indeed to blood gassed and a prized amalgam our options video can
vlog a lot or faithless looting I vote can flog a lot well I guess come back i
Malcolm’s we’ll come back soon then can flog a law one therefore there they go
to ten swinging for four you get a six Malcolm comes back and back to them
there it is we managed to win three matches in a row which has surpassed my
expectations for this day I am quite pleased but the investigation continues
so on to the next match opening hand not quite good enough so we’re gonna powder
we only have one lamb I think we just mole this and it’s a zero Lance we’re
gonna mole oh boy Horan for it alright was looting at gas bottle office and and
it looks like it’s drawn nice so we shall go hey this looting no dredge but
blood gas go to graveyard back to our opponent plays land passes back Aang
this isn’t looking good well guys come back pass back their
opponent is blue Tron when it passes back another faith is looting sure
probably gonna get countered NIT all right then we swing in for four please
live in torsion yeah that’ll come back cuz we got a lamb here and then back for
poet Larry West for the last Strom land I bet ya alright stinkweed totally fish
that is all then we go faithless looting think we’d go gari I’m thinking these
I’m not impressed with this graveyard here we’ll have to make it work somehow
swing in verse six and then back opponent let’s see what they’ve got
oh let’s forget stinkweed we have a compiler but can
only deal for dammit fables it’s you creeping chills put them down the six
the only way I see out of this is creeping chiller can flog a law so we
might be able to get it isn’t looking gigs they can have counter for that can
flock a law but not really for the creeping chill those three damage to us
exhibition map and then ballista that is fine come on creeping chills there’s one
wait wait a minute we can go for can flock Allah when untapped though yeah I
say we do it I’ve can flog Allah boom I did not think we would get that one but
what a pleasant surprise going in the game team only gonna bring in stony
silences dumping these two because lately blue trance been going ravenous
trap and not so much artifact graveyard he was a bit of a risk here by not going
artifact enchantment hate but sometimes we have to roll the dice here powder it
could be a lot better but we’ll take the risk
exhibition map why couldn’t we pull that in our opening and whatever put this in
graveyard and then back for opponent ah what a hoe so many were having his traps
out there and they have this I mean I don’t know I was I supposed to know I
was gonna be that I don’t see a way for us to come back from this I’m going to
put us out of our misery and just go to Game three unfortunately so now that we
know they have artifact graveyard hate on a dump these put in these know what
that we’re on the game three opening hand balls mole faith is looting so
we’ll keep it dirt things off looting nice nice factor comment mmm nothing
yeah it reg that I am not pleased by this will play al and get back blood gas
and then play the jelly factory opponent who plays the second land passes back to
us we shall swing for three did he go for the fetus looting yeah I think so
well ha that was a land for it it was nice and then back to Ponton passes back
what’s going on something feels suspicious
alright Ling for three and might as well play the thug while we’re at it back toe
phonograph Tigers to cage a little late for that we’ll skip the dredge for now
look at that pole get rid of that going in for five back for our opponent now we
dredge and we need to land for blood gas amalgam alright swing on and we play the
thug yessir back to our opponent walking
ballista okay then on our turn stinkweed woohoo creeping chill and they can see
this okay four matches in a row were wins I don’t know what to say this deck
is a lot better than I thought it was but I’m still kind of skeptical here cuz
like where is all the graveyard hey because here’s the thing leading ups
deck I was testing traditional dreads with a new London Mulligan rule and it
was just getting crapped on there is so much graveyard hey and because a new
Mulligan rule lets people dig for their cyborg cards it was like after Game one
every game was just Gregor at a favorite graveyard hey but where is all the
greater hate those four matches like there was some but when I was testing
traditional dreads like it just couldn’t get a win and now this seconds wins but
was it by chance or did we have an edge with pull from eternity or the powders
which let us filter as well but it’s really hard to say because how I
expected the deck to do and how the deck actually did it’s completely different I
mean there was a point where I was like I don’t think I can make a video on this
deck because of all the graver heat and the meta game right now so I guess to
sum it up does this deck have a lot of potential it seems that way
but would I go out and buy this deck I’m a bit skeptical because even though the
new Mulligan rule helps dredge get better hands decks with greater heat can
hit it a lot more consistently than before
so things seem a bit iffy for any graver deck right now but I can’t fully endorse
the deck until the meta game settles down a bit because it’s hard to say what
the meta game is with so many decks just changing all the time people are trying
new decks people are trying old decks index I weren’t really doing well while
ago are now doing well like a deck that won a tournament was the combo deck with
Kiki G key and deceiver ex arc and one was last time in that one a tournament
but now just wins a turn it with a new Mulligan role I mean things are kind of
crazy but only time will tell and with that we wrap up this video there is a
good chance that we’ll revisit this deck soon so be sure to subscribe and as
always I hope you have a great day

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  2. I honestly think if they are going to go with the new mulligan system then some cards are just going to have to be straight up banned from tournament play. It's going to piss a lot of people off, but it's just going to have to be one of those necessary things for the sake of semi balance.

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