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no money no 2,000 employees we actually had one employee and we did amazing so we’re really doing is we’re taking best practices out of the for-profit world best practices out of the non-for-profit world bringing those two things together that’s the type of company that we’re going to be we really want to be a company that sets an example but also lives by their own words if anyone’s sitting in this auditorium today does not have one true friend you’re missing on life [Music] [Music] you [Music] if you’re not right now working on yourself with the therapist with a spiritual practice with friends if you’re not trying to grow and get better every day you’re missing out on life and I’ll tell you something about the pursuit of personal growth it’s a daily action I know everyone here is a graduate but in the pursuit of personal growth were all students for life and I think every night before you go to sleep ask yourself did I learn something important today do I have a big lesson or a small one and if the answer is no think harder because every day there is one so number one work on yourself your soulmate or your partner that you’re going to choose is the most important decision you’re gonna make in your life I don’t care what anybody else tells you families we love you we couldn’t choose to be with you we were born into our families and that is the fact our siblings were born and brought to us and that is a fact and we love them for it unconditionally but who you choose to be with is your own choice make sure you make the right one her a few hints to know that you made the right choice number one a true partner will not be impressed with your there will be impressed with real things they won’t be impressed with how much money you have what job you have how you speak or how you look a true partner will not only love you for who you are today but will see your potential of who you’re going to become tomorrow and love that it’s your partner will be there for you in the happy times and the celebrations but will also pick you up when you’re down and a true partner will learn how to love that things about you that I know in them the most because that’s how true love is I don’t want to scare anyone and I’m just saying you should have kids anytime soon take your time and some of you already have kids and congratulations I myself I’m very lucky and have four but kids kids is a very special thing because if you work on yourself and you have the right partner you will do an unbelievable job with your kids and let me tell you a little secret about kids they’re all geniuses they’re all entrepreneurs they’re all creators they’re all unique and they’re all special and it’s our job as parents or partners or Co parents or all the awesome words we have today it’s our job to unleash their potential and if we do that I promise you they will unless yours is a very special thing if anyone’s sitting in this auditorium today does not have one true friend you’re missing on life if you have a true friend get another one how do you know that it’s a true friend like a true partner they tell your truth in your face they don’t get impressed by the wrong thing they pick you up when you’re down but they expect you to do the same I am very lucky that I have a group of friends that has always supported me and always been with me and I just want to say thank you to my friends that are here today in the audience and around me because without you I’m nothing and without you I couldn’t have done it so thank you and I love you I didn’t think that getting the diploma was the important thing I thought that the experiences that I’m having I thought that the connections I’ll be making is the Imperial thing but SAFTA st my grandmother who paid for my full tuition thought differently she really did want me to graduate she really did and she kept asking me every year when are you graduating when are you graduating and I said this do you know we’ve done I have a family we build us we’re doing well no when are you graduating I need hang it above my bed well I’m lucky enough today to understand that family is as important as everything else I just said that if a family members feel strongly about something then we feel strongly about it also and I just want to share with you a few words about sto is actually here in the crowd today esti was born in 1934 in Poland and when her father walked her with a stroller one day a stranger looked into the crib and said a comment that was extremely anti-semitic about the baby girl who was only six month old her father my great grandfather realized that if a person can say something so negative about a baby there’s a true problem in the world he immediately within a week took his young wife and his young daughter and got on a boat and moved to Israel after he settled in Israel he went back to Poland to convince his ten brothers and sisters to join him in this new land none of them did and tragically every one of them perished I say that today because in front of me stand immigrants I am an immigrant my grandparents are immigrants eighty percent of the people who are immigrants this school eighty percent of the people here are immigrants it is a fact in case you’re wondering it is what makes America great and because because we’re all immigrants we should know how lucky and how much privilege we have we’re here pursuing a dream we’re here with the opportunity to find happiness and make peace and that is an amazing thing but it’s important to remember that around the world right now there are many people who do not share the same luck that we do and with this great privilege comes great responsibility to live a meaningful life building a meaningful business just like life building a meaningful business is a must otherwise you’ll never wake up you’ll never get out of bed and it’s probably not gonna work I’m gonna give you the secret it’s quite easy first your business needs to have a purpose if it doesn’t have a purpose why you wasting your time hang out at home and chill number two number two people if you have a business that’s mission driven and this is not only about starting on business you can choose organizations that are the same if you have a business that’s mission driven you will attract the best people if you attract the best people remember this you have to treat them the way you want to be treated you have to take care of them I know today and I did not understand this in the past that the most important thing in our business and in every business are the employees and the people making it work every single day from our CSA’s or helping clean our buildings and helping make it great every day to our accountants to our builders to every single profession that we have it’s the people that make you success or failure now if you have purpose and you have great people the next thing is build a great product now this one some people get confused they think I’ve been asked many times I have this amazing intention and I have great people and my business is still not doing well I’ll tell you another secret your business has to make sense if the business is not making sense if you’re not profitable at the end yes there are few companies we hear about them they lose a lot of money every month don’t build that build a business that’s actually meaningful and also has a significant and powerful business model because that will make everything work and if you have purpose and you have the right people and you have a great product I guarantee you that profits will come work and add 15 years of my business experience I have learned one truth the best companies in the world just like the best individuals in the world always always keep an open heart and if you do that everything else will work itself out and with that fellow graduates now that I’ve told you my story and shared with you my blueprint I want you to know something we’re all anxious to see yours unfold world anxious to see how you take your creativity and your ability your passion and your intention and share it with the world do me a favor and do not share it with organizations causes or ideas that don’t appreciate you and don’t appreciate what you bring to the table because it’s very important because I know as you think of your next job there are a lot of sexy jobs out there and I know you were told that you’re supposed to get that job or this other job here’s the truth your first job might not be your best job and maybe it won’t have the passion that you’re looking for but if you keep working on yourself and you remember the things that we just talked about today there’s always a co-worker that needs your help there’s always a customer that needs to be uplifted there’s always time at home when you can work on your own creativity and on your own passions as exciting as technology might be as exciting as drive left scars or flying to the space I want us to never forget that the future while leveraging technology lies in ourselves it is us who will blaze a path forward pave not with algorithms not with software but with values with friendship with common goals and most importantly with humanity thank you people talk a lot about the Industrial Revolution let me tell you a secret about the Dust revolution revolution it was a time when human beings were reduced to working in an assembly line not only that there is reminisce of this time still till today in schools we have a teacher standing and everybody in lines right in front of that teacher that was a way to prepare the young generation to work for the assembly line the distance between the haves and the have-nots was never greater and when a very dangerous time when it’s about to unfold a lot of people talk about the third wave the new revolution they talk about connectivity they talk about internet they talk about hyper loops to connect cities really quickly in tunnels so we avoid the traffic that all sounds amazing but let me tell you something I don’t think that’s true in my opinion the next revolution is going to be the we revolution and the we revolution is going to be led by the we generation and it will restoring each one of us a sense of dignity and community without which greatness cannot be achieved the regeneration knows that you must treat other people the way you want to be treated that being part of something greater than yourself is a privilege and the regeneration does not discriminate between age race gender or religion we are global citizens of the earth our weapon is information our missiles are armed with truth and we will not stand by and we will not lend our power to presidents CEOs ministers or anybody any leader that does not lead us in the right direction that lies to us that does not take care of our environment and our future no one is above the law and we will come together and we will tweet and we will post and we will share and we will not stop until you take us seriously and until you deliver us the world that we’re expecting the world that we want for our children and our children’s children and our great great great great grandchildren and if you’re not a forward thinker then you find a different job because we want leaders that share our values we are we and if we work together we cannot be stopped or else divided we fall and with that fellow graduates take this blueprint and make one of your own create your own version of your path look at your map for life where are you today where do you want to go make sure you’re always headed in the right direction find friends family loved ones that will correct you every time you need to be in the middle no one is perfect in ten years I want you to know that you could and should be standing right here talking to the next graduates of Baruch College each one of you is special each one of you is the Creator each one of you as an entrepreneur each one of you is an artist you’re a painter you’re a singer you’re a writer we all of us your fellow students your faculty your parents and the world are waiting for you to unleash your superpower different environments call for different moves as your company gets bigger and your balance sheet is larger and you have commitments that are annual commitments and and commitments that are three years and five years it’s easier to think through how you’re gonna work through it but I think the most important thing to understand if there is actual intention behind what your business does and it’s actually serving a real need that need does not go away in a recession maybe things change maybe things are not gonna be exactly the same but if you’re serving a true need and if you have a loyal group of members or customers that are following you and are committed to you these sure is a fact that as the world goes through a tough time these customers at least the ones who can will stay with you for us personally as we move into enterprise and move into longer term relationships that helps a lot of that as our balance sheet grows that’s an easy thing but the thing to thing is business is a flexible thing space is fixed being able to give people that flexibility if that recession or when that recession comes is actually going to be a very needed product an early version of we were called green desk was founded in May of 2008 we had no brand no money no 2,000 employees we actually had one employee we did amazing and when this recession comes and I agree it’s not an F by the way we will go to our community and tell them ask them can you please first do business internally before you do externally if they will need our help we will extend as much help as they need it because we believe in them and we believe in this world in the long run and the truth is for a company like us on the space side even it’s becoming smaller and smaller when that day comes we will actually take a lot more space and grow a lot faster and use that as an opportunity so when our members are ready to grow again we’ve been able to build a platform for them that they need same thing about technology for we OS we expect to see us acquiring companies over the next 12 months and some that we have we just haven’t published yet those opportunities are going to give us the opportunity to find some of the best partners in the world and partner with them either through acquisition through partnership to be stronger together as a we as opposed to a me and really what bothers me or worries me the most is culture can we maintain the culture and how do we build a better culture I’m really not worried about the recession what is that best type of company that we want to be and the most important thing for us is just like we like to learn from other people we want to set an example for other companies so today when I think of the world and I think of non-for-profit and I think of that word why is a group of people dedicating their lives to make other people’s lives better called non-for-profit I could argue that they’re making the most profit in the world and then we have for-profit companies that are making things if it’s nice say things that are made of wood and they’re cutting a lot of trees to get there and why is the fact that you can make money from cutting trees making you for profit so what we’re really doing is we’re taking best practices out of the for-profit world best practices out of the non for profit world bringing those two things together that’s the type of company that we’re going to be we really want to be a company that sets an example but also lives by their own words and that’s the kind of company we are in I actually believe in the future that you’re gonna see it very exciting multiple for companies that really treat other people the way they want to be treated and really feel like they’re part of something greater than themselves when our company makes the decision of a new category that we go into the question we have to answer is can we make a meaningful difference in our members life will this move make a difference in the world and if the answer is yes then of course we want to do it and if it’s no then that’s not for us to do Rebecca went on the first date with me and within five minutes now I say five minutes to be nice but it truly took 10 seconds she looked me straight in the eye and she said you my friend are full of she then said every single word that comes out of your mouth is fake you talk about business but you have no passion you talk about money but I know you were broke how do you know I’m broke she said every time we go out to dinner you wait for me to put you wait for me to put my credit card down she said maybe it’s an Israeli thing but here in America it’s okay to share actually buy the woman a meal it’s legit so she said I know you were broke and worst of all she said everything you do and everything it’s it’s without meaning this was the first time that someone spoke to me this way now in life someone will come to you and give you a real advice you measure if that person has no agenda if that person has no agenda listen because it might be a message from the universe thank God I was smart enough to listen and I said well if I’m so bad and you’re so good what do you suggest and she said it’s very simple find you do what you love moment if you’re not gonna do something you’re passionate about you’re wasting your time then take intention and meaning bring those two things together and only if you brought those two things together the path will show itself and she said to me if you do that I promise you success will follow and the money will follow if you think that’s important I was like wow and I did two things number one I immediately proposed to this amazing woman we only dated for a few months and Rebecca I just wanted to say thank you for agreeing to marry me thank you for always being there for me I am nothing without you and I would not be able to do this thank you for seeing my potential when no one else did [Applause] [Music] I’ll just make a few Corrections I actually came back to New York when I was almost 23 after serving in the Israeli military for five years so not 18 so I joined a little a little older which is important important to note because when you’re 23 you see they’re a little different from 18 and had the opportunity to observe the 18 year olds and I think it’s a lot of what led me to some of the things I did today also serving in the Israeli army taught me what it means to be part of something greater than yourself taught me that great leaders need to know how to be followers great bosses need to be soldiers first and if you can be a great soldier then you can also be a great officer but if all your life you always you’re just a boss you’re just leading you’re missing something and one more correction as you said about the people starting at their base and not everybody does I definitely come from a very simple background but I have observed that sometimes children that actually come from very affluent homes have an almost even more difficult time because the expectations are there because the parents did these great things because sometimes in life when we get handed a lot of things there’s this concept called bread of shame if you don’t earn what you receive it creates a short-circuit so I actually think and I think of my kids a little bit and I’m so blessed to have them I’m not sure how they’re going to be able to drive the same kind of excitement that I right now have is every day’s a new day every day is a fight every day is a win some days or losses and it’s just a fascinating thing to say so I actually appreciate that challenge also and I said you know science is they come from a difficult home my parents got divorced when I was very young there’s a lot of things that occurred when I was in my early stage and and I know I understand how hard it is to be the new kid and how hard it is to have the difficulties I’m also very dyslexic I couldn’t read and write until the third grade so I have a lot of appreciation to challenges and I’ve found the people with challenges sometimes make the best employees best leaders because they’ve learned how to overcome those challenges and every one of my life action when I came to New York I was angry about my history and why did this happen to me and why is this and why that and I came to New York saying I deserve I deserve I deserve nothing worked that way when I met my wife she shifted my thinking and she was like you don’t deserve anything that you don’t earn and as she taught me that and I started earning and I saw the fulfilling experience it is to actually work hard and actually earn and then you add to that doing something meaningful for the world while you’re doing it so you’re not wasting your time that brought me to where I am today I stopped being angry about my past I became happy that pass made me who I am today and from that point on I was able to build this company with the help of our employees and our executives and my co-founders and my wife that represents basically everything I just told you you

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