ДЕВУШКИ летают в квотере на 4 метра в высоту! | VANS PRO CUP | BMX girls and mans contest in Germany

Hi guys! My name’s Liza, and currently I’m in one of my favorite countries – Germany, And it’s a stage of the most rocknroll contest of this year. Wellcome to Vans Pro Camp! Wtf was that? It the second warming up day, wу have BBQ today. Some free tasty food, hope it’s tasty. Look at the line! With the fattest guy. Everybody’s always offending me cos I’m short! I’m Russian, you’re Russian. It’s the last day of warming up, guys are riding in a bowl, We’ve just had BBQ and riders meeting, it’s very cool, Chill atmosphere, everybody’s having fun, riding, check it guys! #lizaseatingagaing Usually when you’re at the contest, you compete, wake up early, You cannot hangout, cannot have some beer, it’s sport. But here I feel like I’m at the camp with the greatest riders to eat BBQ, And watch guys riding a bowl listening great music each day, very cool. Contest! Today is the first day, we had qualification, unfortunately Roman couldn’t take part cos his back hurts after that fall on FISE. And we have also found… Girls contest takes part on Sunday – Girls contest??? – You meant street contest? It’s the first day of Vans Pro Cup, it’s supposed to be 3 days, But due to Sunday rain, all program is tomorrow, It means I have warming up at my favorite time, 8 a m! 8 to 10, then qualification and contest, then pro finals and semi fails, So we’re going to bed early, it must be very interesting day tomorrow, Cos they will try to fit everything in it, quite saturated day. Today we have frisbee contest as usual, much fun. Larry Edgar’s always making fun of me. I want to stick an ass on him. I almost shit myself I cannot see him. Hу isn’t here yet, next time.No I have another aim. You got more ass? – yes – give me some It’s a new day, 8 am, my best time for riding, and as Susan it’s hard to ride I don’t really like riding in bowls, I never had one But it is OK this contest is for fun I just ride my style, will ride in shorts, Everyone who cannot ride – ride in shorts here. It’s Saturday, contest supposed to be on Sunday, but the weather Broadcast is really bad they made us to ride today. We’re trying to have fun, but it’s hard, everyone’s falling. Only 3 people, who ride bowls all their lives are having fun, Other’s f*cked to be honest, but I’m fine. This is current world champion, she does 3 tricks, but also She jumps transfers, like Kris Fox, really cool. And on the last championship she jumped a transfer which only a few guys could jump. With toboggan. A hell huge hip, really long and high fly. She does this easily, and now it’s the limit of women BMX The top. There’re trick girls, flying girls, but not both. I got a lot today, first – concrete bowl is very hard. And it hurts to fall. It looks like a lite fall, but I hurt all my ass. But I got some pillows and I can ride. Second thing is that bowl is A really technical thing, it takes a lot of practice to ride it good. A contest has finished, I missed just 1 place to get to finals. But I’m not upset cos it’s bowl contest, I’m kinda guest here. I mean I cannot ride it, and it’s a cool experience. The saddest thing is this photo, which they took on registration. I hope it will disappear asap, it’s horrible. By the way I got some money for 8th place, 200$ probably, No I wonder how to get my cash.

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27 thoughts on “ДЕВУШКИ летают в квотере на 4 метра в высоту! | VANS PRO CUP | BMX girls and mans contest in Germany

  1. Ребята!большое вам спасибо за просмотры и комменты!
    Я хотела показать и передать атмосферу именно того BMXа, который мы все так любим – где ты катаешь не за деньги или медали, а просто, потому что это весело и круто!
    Ставь лайк, если думаешь также, репост – если ждёшь вторую огненную часть с этого мероприятия 😉

  2. Молодцы) мне понравилось, что ролик тоже получился чиловым)
    То что девочка, что первое место заняла, сломала задницей седло не моргнув говорит о многом!) я такого никогда не видел)) ну и она реально крутая, без вопросов)
    Интересно было увидеть вэнс с такой стороны!) респект

  3. Набор треков просто из моего сердечка! От души
    Не ожидал что такие будут именно на твоём канале)

  4. Что то я посмотрел на Девушек которые взяли первые места и я вам скажу что они не очень Лиза красивее!

  5. 👋 вот тебе совет
    Вылаживай короткие видео до 3 минут с музыкой и трюками, без разговоров…
    Эти видео люди досматривают в основном до конца, поэтому ютуб считает их интересными пользователям и продвигает видео собирая большой охват)
    К тому же это разбавить канал яркими моментами

  6. 1 место: пацаны – 550$, ЖЕНЩИНЫ – 3500$. НААААААААААААААААААААААЙС)

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